4th of July pictures~ just 1 day late!

Every year, I try to take a kid picture on July 4th. Always a fun time for pictures! We spent most of the day at the pool yesterday so I didn’t get a chance for a picture with all the kids together. This morning when we arrived home from church, everyone was still clean, the sun was shining and smiles were in abundance, soooo we snapped away. Here’s what I got. The individuals are along the side. I guess I really needed to switch out the Christmas pics πŸ™‚

Brotherly love

Samuel~7 Alice~6 Paige~4 Mason~2

5th of July, 2009

4th of July

Take me to the water.

Sam loving his soda pop. This doesn’t happen very often.

Longtime friends, The Youngs. We always have fun together.

Scott and Alice taking a break to eat lunch.

Scott and Mason waiting for the boat races to begin.
Scott and his relay team finished 1st.

Sam and Ellie paddling through the water as fast as they could. Unfortunately, their little boat capsized (many times).

Getting ready to race!

Chips are good!

We had an awesome day hanging out at the pool. It is always fun to spend the day with friends. We ended our 4th by watching fireworks at the Air Force Academy.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mason turns 2!

Mason practices blowing out his candles. He put the first round out with his fingers. Obviously, his first time with candles πŸ™‚ He finally got the hang of it and had fun blowing them out.

We have a family tradition of wearing birthday hats on everyone’s birthdays, young and old. Sam and Paige were having fun finding new ways to wear their hats.

Mason enjoying his time out of shoes and brace. He is standing at his new sand and water table. He is beginning to stand on his feet more and more. In the beginning, he did not like that sensation of standing on the bottoms of his feet.

Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you and can’t wait to celebrate so many more birthdays with you!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Samuel, Alice and Paige