2020 Year in Review

Well, 2020 sure did throw us for a loop but we made it through! I know that we came out stronger and appreciate all the goodness that came from this past year.


I always love watching my kids Nordic ski. This year Paige will be taking a break from the team and joining the swim team with Alice.


Alice qualified for the state swim meet!


Paige celebrated her birthday and we started learning/working/teaching online.


I learned how to fly fish


Scott celebrated his birthday and Sam had a funky graduation!


Mason and Alice celebrated their birthdays and we spent lots of time in nature.


We helped paint a BLM mural in Frisco.


Sam went to college


Alice ran her last xc season.


We celebrated Sam’s birthday in Bozeman


Scott and I had dinner in a yurt with my mom and dad. Socially-distant.


Scott and I spent a lot of time doing what we love most, being together, running, skiing and biking.

Most years I choose pictures that I am proud of, pictures I took with my big camera. This year I used my cell phone pictures because they are the most “in the moment” shots. Much like these pictures, it wasn’t a perfect year but we are grateful for each moment we were together making memories. We will never forget 2020.

Much love, Jen

Christmas 2020

The weirdest year ever!

Here are some pics from our crazy Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for even in the strangest of years.

Parking lot church for Christmas Eve service.
Church from the comfort of your car.
Make your own pizzas for dinner.
Christmas Vacation. This movie is becoming a Christmas Eve tradition.
Christmas morning
Matching pajamas and, yes, I do have on shorts:)
Grandma and grandpa opening their presents.

Running {holiday edition}

Yesterday I went out for a fun run with a couple friends before work. We got it in our heads that we would write out a message on Strava. Here’s our finished product. I think we did pretty good but now the challenge is to see what else we can write during our run 🙂 Just in case abstract running art isn’t your thing, it says Let It Snow!

We also wore our best Christmas gear! Such a fun morning.

Christmas Tree Hunt

This morning we got everybody up earlier than teenagers like and trekked out to find our Christmas tree. It is a gorgeous bluebird day in Summit County. We have had a warm start to winter and there is only a couple inches of snow on the ground. We hiked for about an hour and found the perfect 2020 tree.

The tree is directly behind Sam 🙂
Alice cut down the tree this year

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Happy to wrap up this weird year with some holiday spirit and lots of wine.

Halloween 2020

Like everything this year, Halloween was a very different holiday. The kids at school were able to wear their costumes but there were no parties or parades around the building. Our own kids did not go to parties with their friends or trick or treat. We passed out candy to a few brave kids in self serve cups, sitting 6 feet back. It was weird, just like everything else this year, but we are making the best of it! Alice dressed up as Scott and entertained us with her dad impression. Happy Halloween peeps!

October Break in Bozeman

Last weekend we had a long weekend off of school so we hopped on a plane and headed to the much colder and snowier Montana. Man, we were glad we had our puffies and hats. It was so amazing to see Sam after two months apart and enjoy a bit of family time. Only one month to go until he is home for winter break.

Celebrating Sam’s 19th birthday
Hyalite Reservoir
Planetarium on MSU campus. Some of these people napped…

Happy end of October!

XC {Steamboat Springs}

Yesterday the girls ran in their last regular season cross country race. it has been a fun season of running for both of them. They were blessed to have a season at all and they didn’t take it for granted! Although they dealt with a ton of changes (masks, waved starts, no team dinners, slower meets) they pushed through! Alice did a great job as the girl’s captain and leader of the team this year. She ran strong all season right until the end. She was battling a cold and cough yesterday but still managed to finish 6th overall, Paige has also had a great season of running. She ran varsity all season and had a blast running and practicing with her team. She joined her team in a third place finish. They did get some good prizes this year including belt buckles and buffs!

The girls will run on Thursday at the regionals meet, which is the only qualifier for State Meet. Fingers crossed for our girls 🙂

I love watching these kids run 🏃‍♀️!!!