A few more of my daily shots.  Again, not all of them.  Still trying to get to it everyday. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.  Going backwards this time….:)

77 Aperture…Blurry/Focus/Background


76 Transportation/Vehicle/Car


74 Fitness/Well Being/Energy


71 Currently Loving/Furbaby/Adore


69 Harmony/Compatible/Match


65 Miniature/Minimal/Small


Happy Birthday Paigie {13}

Another teenager in the house.  Oh my goodness!  It just doesn’t stop or even slow down.  These kids (who were just babies!) keep getting bigger and older and way cooler!  You won’t hear this from all parents, but we are really enjoying having teenagers.  Of course, they do come with their fair share of eye rolling, door slamming, smack talking and general moodiness but they also have awesome conversations, cook dinner, drive siblings around and help out more than not.


Paige is no exception.  She is sweet and kind (ok, her sister may not agree at the moment) and jumps in to help (almost all the time!) when needed.  She is a bit of a momma’s girl; shy, introverted and slow to warm up to those she doesn’t trust.  She loves her pets.  After school she almost always changes into a fleece onesie (as you will see below).  She loves to run, ride her mountain bike and nordic ski.  She plays percussion in band and would love to learn the ukulele.  Her favorite place is our local bookstore where she can be found after school, sipping on a smoothie and reading a book.

Happy belated birthday to our girl. We adore you, lovebug!





You probably saw my Up In Air photo of Alice in the last post.  Alice is definitely the easiest of my kids to photograph.  She is always game to take pictures.  Usually she has some great idea for the shot and it is the perfect one.  Figures 🙂 Anyway, here are few more from our mini shoot.  If there was one thing that we did accomplish, it was having a ton of fun.  Sometimes its hard to believe that my crazy girl is fourteen.

Oh, and Alice succeeded in NOT choking on her lollipop!


More CY365

Here are a few more daily shots…still missing a few here and there but doing my very best to get the shot.  Not always good photography but just trying to keep the habit going…most days.

52 Up in the Air


55 Prompt Free…Sam checking his avalanche beacon before going into the backcountry


56 Isolate/ Single Subject

Scott running

57 In a Jar


62 Celebrate


Ski-Joring {Leadville}

Today we went over to Leadville, which is about 30 miles from us over Fremont Pass.  They were having their annual ski-joring contests this weekend.  If you are unsure of what ski-joring is…just check out my pictures.  Basically, skiers hold on to a rope and ski behind a sprinting horse, while attempting to go over huge jumps and catch rings along the way.  I. Was. In. Awe.  It was so cool.  There really couldn’t be a more fitting event in Colorado.  Horses, cowboys and cowgirls, and skiing. 


This volunteer was retrieving a lost cowboy hat…

Another beautiful Colorado day.  50 degrees, blue skies and ski-joring.

Chinese New Year 2018

Yesterday we headed down the mountain to Longmont for a super fun Chinese New Year celebration. We saw dancing dragons, a kung fu demonstration, tasted delicious foods and so much more. It was a great day! Afterwards we had a nice walk and dinner in one of our favorite places, Golden.

Happy Year of the Dog!

This was a great event and it is all free, even the food! I was so impressed with the entire celebration. We will definitely be coming back to this one.

Happy Gotcha Day!

Last night we celebrated Mason’s gotcha day with a yummy Chinese dinner. We had a nice night, reminiscing about the trip to China and the first sight of our boy. It was one of the best moments of our lives but definitely wasn’t Mason’s best moment;) He was so scared. Didn’t utter a sound for over a day. No tears or emotion at all. Today he is a wild, amazing, sweet, smart boy. We have been so blessed by his place in our family.

We love you Masonator!


More of my daily photos.  Sorry I didn’t post the pics from the week before last.  Too busy.  Anyway, here are the last few days….

42 Self Portrait/Don’t Look


43 Currently Loving


44 Rosie’s 4th Birthday


45 Valentine’s Day


46 Fun/Silly


47 Where I Stand


48 What I am Reading…



Camping in Moab

Scott took the kids camping in Moab, Utah for a couple of days. They bikes and hiked and enjoyed the slightly warmer weather. I decided to stay home and get a few quiet days. Yah me! It was super nice but I was kinda jealous of all their shenanigans! Sounds like they had a blast!

Snowshoe Racing

Well, we are officially on break.  Our district takes two “spring” breaks, one in February and one in April.  We have been enjoying the Olympics and hanging out in our jammies:)  Of course, it wouldn’t be a school break with out sleeping in getting up early on a Saturday for a snowshoe race.  As a reminder…no one in my family likes to snowshoe.  They actually call it SLOWshoeing.  Sam was asked by the alpine ski coach to enter into  the Colorado State Snowshoe race along with 3 other boys from school.  He was hoping to create a dream team to win.  Unfortunately, it landed over break and it was snowing sideways, so two of the four didn’t show.  Sam ran well and came in 9th overall and his friend won the 5k race to become the Colorado State Snowshoe champion.  It was his first time on snowshoes!  HA!  It was a fun morning watching the boys run and we didn’t even mind getting up early to get them there!

Sam is in the bright green hat and blue coat….