May and June

The end of the school year is always a whirlwind and so busy I have a hard time keeping it all together. This year was no different.

Anyway, here is “quick” recap of the last month.

It continued to snow all the way through May and Scott skied on his birthday instead of biking. Rosie was the only family member who liked this snow.

We helped celebrate baby Savvy’s 1st birthday.

We bid farewell to our dear friends who are moving to Idaho with a picnic dinner our on Sapphire Point.

We spent an evening in Breckenridge at the Wave Festival.

All three boys raced their mountain bikes in the Summit Mountain Challenge. Mason took third and Scott took second.

As soon as school got out we packed up and headed north for our first college visit to Montana State in Bozeman. We all fell a little bit in love with this area. Sam really like the university as well! We went in a tour, checked out the dorms, talked to an admissions counselor and had a great meeting with the ecology department. It seems like a great fit for our outdoors loving kid. Only 10 hours away from home… 😳

On our way home we took a detour through Yellowstone National Park. It was beautiful and busy:) Evidently we decided to visit on the same day as Mike Pence so we were delayed by a few hours.

While we were in Montana, Mason was at sleep away camp for a week. He really enjoyed himself and would like to go back next year.

We started our next project on the house, which is to take out the old fireplace and knock down the popcorn ceiling.

This week Alice started back at her summer gardening job and had swim stroke camp in the mornings. Paige started back at her babysitting job and started summer running with her XC coaches. Sam continues to train in the mornings for his big run race in September (40 trail miles from CB to Aspen) and Mason had robotics camp every morning. I think I put more miles on my car this week than I do in a regular school work week!

I’m sure I’ve missed many things but you all get the idea. Unfortunately summer hasn’t arrived yet and we are eagerly awaiting the warmer weather. Currently we are in a winter weather advisory with 4-10 inches forecasted up high. Oh well…I’m sure I’ll get on my paddle board someday.

Tomorrow is Alice’s birthday and the three oldest leave on a mission trip on Sunday. Never a dull moment😉

Happy Junuary and stay warm out there!

And I have no idea why some of my text is bolded. Just go with it!



Hey peeps, we are in a winter storm warning. Scott is setting up the sprinklers and we are forecasted to get 8-16 inches of SNOW. Every May this happens. We get all excited for spring and then BAM! It snows.

Anyway, we are working and waiting in summer to arrive.

It’s been a busy month. School is wrapping up. Sam and Alice have been crazy with studying for AP tests and Paige has been wrapping up 8th grade with lots of field trips and activities.

Last night we attended the graduation dinner for my niece, Madison. She will be attending Baylor in the fall. So proud of that girl!

Two and a half more weeks of school! Yahoo! Let’s do this!


Wizard of Oz

This weekend was play weekend. The last weekend in April, every year. This year it was Wizard of Oz. Alice, Paige and Mason performed again this year. It was a wonderful performance put on by the Breckenridge Backstage Theater and over 70 local youth actors. These kids have been working since January and their hard work paid off. After four shows, they are done!

Alice- Auntie Em and ensemble

Paige and Mason- crows, poppies, Ozians and Winkies

It was also prom weekend. Sam met his girlfriend at the dance and had a nice time.

We are all exhausted and ready for a quieter week! So many thanks to everybody who came out to see our kids perform, especially grandma Marilyn and grandpa Jerry for making the long drive.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend but we are looking at snow in the three day forecast, 8-20 inches possibly. Yikes!

Happy Sunday night,


Spring break fun…and it’s not over yet!

We were mentally on our way to the desert for spring break but changed the plans last minute. We decide that instead of joining everybody else from summit county we would go the other direction to Colorado Springs. We had a fun four days on the front range.

Saturday night, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Il Vicino. Wood fired pizzas…yum! Sam found it fun to wear my glasses over his…so crazy.

Sunday, we got up and went for a nice hike with friends in Ute Valley Park.

We had lunch in Old Colorado City and then went up to the zoo for the afternoon. The kids had so much fun! I was really hoping that they wouldn’t be bored but their reactions were priceless.

“Our rock” from many years ago when we donated to the zoo. When the kids were little we spent so much time here. Of course, they remember very little of it😜!

After the zoo, we had a wonderful dinner at the Young’s house. It was great catching up and hearing the kids have a blast together.

Monday, we took our mountain bikes back to Ute Valley and it was fantastic riding.

Oops, I forgot to mention that before that, Scott and Samuel got up early and did the incline.

This is the view Scott had of Sam, the entire way up. 😂

We enjoy a nice dinner at my brother’s house after our bike ride. Again, so fun catching up and listening to the kids laugh.

Tuesday, we went to Red Rocks Open Space. The boys decided to go out for another bike ride while the girls trail ran.

Whew, we were busy:) We dropped off tired kids and then Scott and I headed back to the west side for some wine and pie with our friends, Doug and Kristin. So bummed we didn’t get photographic evidence.

We came home yesterday and the snow had melted out even more! Mason went to see a movie with a friend while the rest of us relaxed and read new books. Rosie and Jesse were excited to see us and it feels good to be home for a few days before going back to school.

What shall we do tomorrow?

Happy spring break peeps,

Love, Jen

Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2019

First of all, I have to start off this post by saying thank you to so many people who helped Sam get to Switzerland.  Thank you to those who put up prayers and good thoughts, friends and family who supported him financially, all the Instagram and Facebook love, those who came out for fundraisers and bid on silent auction items or bought seafood, those who got up in the middle of the night to watch him race and even the high fives and fist bumps along the way.  We are forever grateful.  This was truly a goal and dream that he has had for a long time and you all helped make it a reality!

Sam and his teammates knew the competition in Europe would be tough but they toed the start line with the best in the skimo world and competed.  We are beyond proud of him.  He had a blast!  It was an education in training, sportsmanship, dedication to a team and a love for this sport that is often times grueling.

Friday evening late, we arrived in Geneva, Switzerland and took a train and then a cog up to a small ski village called Villars.

On the second evening, the World Championships started with a parade and opening ceremonies.  Sam walked with his other US teammates and was lucky enough to carry the flag.

Sunday morning started out the first sprint races.  Sam raced well but struggled with his binding at the top of the boot pack.

We had an off day on Monday, mainly due to the fact that the individual races had been postponed due to avalanche dangers.  Scott, Sam and I had a nice day strolling around the town of Bex, which was just a quick cog train ride down the mountain.

Tuesday, we woke up and the sun was shining and the individual races were on!

Sam’s coach talking with the US juniors team about the course.

Two Indian athletes getting a quick shot with a few of the US team members.

The junior boys start…

Wednesday we had another off day so we joined another dad and junior racer and headed back down the mountain to a couple castles just outside of Geneva.

The first castle was in Aigle and was on the smaller side.  Gorgeous vineyards surrounded this castle and the views were amazing, even in the rain 🙂

The second castle, Chillon Castle, was much bigger and sat on the banks of Lake Geneva.

We were so close to France, that we took the opportunity to have lunch in another country.  Unfortunately, we parked in France but realized after we sat down at the restaurant that we had backtracked a bit and ended up back in Switzerland for our lunch!  Oh well! We shared a couple charcuterie boards and french fries.

After we got back we joined some other friends for a fun dinner at the local fondue restaurant.  I mean, who goes to Switzerland and doesn’t have fondue!

Sam’s last race was the vertical on Thursday.  This was probably his best race.  He looked great and felt even better.  Our US racers are used to going straight up in the vertical and many were calling this race a bit of a “horizontal”.  Nevertheless, those Europeans were fast and dominated the field.

The day before we were to fly out, we bid Villars farewell and headed back to Geneva.  We arrived in time to walk around the city, cross the bridge and take in the sights of Old Town.  We were so glad for this quick trip into the city and it also made our departure out of the Geneva Airport that much easier the next morning.

Our travel was uneventful and we arrived home to feet of snow after what seemed to be one of the biggest snow systems in over a decade. So many thanks to Grandma Peggy and Papa Gary for hanging out for the week with Alice, Paige and Mason.  It wasn’t the easiest week to be in Summit County but they took it in stride and had to do a lot of shoveling!

Most of the pictures were taken on our cell phones.  My big Nikon decided to stop working right after we arrived in Switzerland.  So blessed for this time with Sam.  Very rarely do we get time alone with just one of our kids.  This was an incredible week spent watching him do what he loves.

We were pretty sure he was going to hang up the skis and boots for the season after arriving home but instead he took a couple days off and then competed in a race at Breckenridge after school, finishing 5th in the men’s race.

Now we are back to school and work.


One Week

In less than a week, Scott, Sam and I will be in Switzerland for the ski Mountaineering World Cup. But until then, the show must go on…or something like that. Sam and I just got back from Aspen. He and a friend from New Mexico raced in the Power of 2. It took them four and 1/2 hours and they finished second overall.

Now we pack.

Below are four junior US skimo athletes. 1st and 2nd place in the overall race. They beat the rest of the teams by a lot! Nice job boys:)

Looking forward to watching them finish their season in Villars:)

Winter Break

Wahoo! We are officially on break from school! One whole week of nothing to do! Well, maybe not nothing but definitely lots of down time:) I was going to get some sleeping in time but since my body gets up everyday at 5:30, I woke up this morning at…5:30! Scott and I took advantage of all the teenagers sleeping in and went out for a Nordic ski. We got a few inches of snow last night and the trail was beautiful.

We ended up skiing about 5 miles. Another day in the mountains:)

Skimo Fundraiser

Tonight was the first of three fundraisers for the US skimo team. It was a really fun night to benefit these amazing Summit County athletes.

Jaime, one of Sam’s coaches and fellow US team member (and badass skimo racer) giving the crowd a lesson on ski mountaineering.

Parents Night Out

Scott and I had a fabulous night out last night. We battled the snow storm down to Denver for a quick but much needed night away. The kids had their first night home alone and they rocked it. Don’t worry, not literally 🙂 No parties here! The friend that Scott works for gave us Elton John tickets for Christmas. He also treated us to a nice swanky dinner and a night in a hotel. We had a wonderful evening acting like adults. We couldn’t be more thankful for this generous gift!

The first two really good pics are courtesy of Byron Swezy who was much closer than us:) We had great seats on the club level but our pics aren’t quite as good! Anyway, Elton sounds amazing and put on a great show for nearly 3 hours.

Scott and I are exhausted but still excited about our night away!