Nordic Races

It was another beautiful day for nordic ski races.  Today we were at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby.  Our girls are blessed to be able to race in this gorgeous place surrounded by snow covered peaks and valleys.  Alice and Paige both raced well.  Alice had a collision at the start and had a hard time coming back from it.  Paige went out well and passed quite a few racers to make it into the top 15. We are so proud of them, no matter the place.  They are both strong, tough skiers!  Scott, Mason and I threw in our skate skis with the hope that we might get to do a bit of skiing too.  Luckily the races were all delayed an hour so we did a couple loops before and after the high school race.



Alice at the start in her bright green hat.


Alice coming into the finish.


Paige at the start…


Paige at the finish.



This week was a full one so I had to catch up on a couple of my pictures today.  It was finally really snowy.  Happy Sunday to all of you!  Oh, some of my shots are out-of-order.  Sorry. It suits my life this week 🙂

16/365 Where I Live


17/19 Routine (running daily) and Where I Stand (in the snow)


20 My Family


18 Embellishment/Decoration/Accessory (the puff on Alice’s hat)


21 Light


Basketball {Mason}

Since he was little, Mason has always said that when he grows up, he wants to be a professional basketball player.  Other ideas have come and gone, but he has always stayed consistent on the basketball thing.  He had his first game on Monday night and his team won.  He didn’t get a basket but did have a couple of shots.  Man was he excited!  He definitely needs some work on the offense/defense part of the game but when he gets that dialed in….look out Denver Nuggets!

I can tell you one thing for sure…his enthusiasm for the game and life…it’s contagious.




A few more (not all) of my daily shots….it has been fun and sometimes stressful to find the time and the creativity but I am staying with it.  So far I have only missed a couple days.

5 Practicing

9 Odd One Out

10 Minimal

13 Winter Scene

14 Self/Portrait/Faceless


Gettin’ Busy!

What a great weekend we had!  Mason started basketball practice on Friday night, Alice and Paige had their first nordic ski races on Saturday in Steamboat Springs and Sam was in Palisade with his Speech and Debate team for the entire day.  Today we have Mary Poppins play practice, a driver’s test for the resident 16-year-old and church youth group for our 3 older kids. Phew!


Paige coming out of the individual start.


Alice coming around the last curve into the finish.


My four cherubs finishing up dishes after dinner.  Love them with every part of my being, especially when they do the dishes 😉


Last day…

…of winter break.

Back to school and work tomorrow! Well, the big kids went back today but Mason and I got one extra day to play. We decided to go out for a Nordic ski this morning. The snow wasn’t great but the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day.

Looks like we might be in for some new snow later this week!!!

Happy winter,