Plant-based Eating

As most of you know, we are veggieliscious over here at our house.  We eat mostly plant-based with a bit of fish thrown in for giggles.  For the most part, the kids have adapted pretty well to this diet.  We do let them make their own choices when they are out of the house (camp, out with a friend, sleepover, etc.) and they do a pretty good job. Last night at dinner, Sam popped a sweet potato tempura in his mouth and declared that all his friends would eat vegan if they had yummy stuff like this.  Just to prove that they are still kids (and human) Sam had a chili cheese hotdog with fries and gravy last week when a friend took him along to Dairy Queen.  Scott and I try not to refer to ourselves as vegan, because while we mainly eat a veggie diet, we are not quite ready to give up everything else (like boots) that comes along with it….so we are veggieliscious/plant based/ most herbivores:)

If you are interested in eating plant based or just getting back to nature and encouraging more fruit and vegetables in your diet there are tons of options.   These are just a few recipes that are easy meals at our house.

Baked potatoes- top with everything in the fridge. We even splurge and get some soy cheese.

Soup- I usually start with a veggie broth base and go from there.  Veggies, lentils, beans, etc.  There are also tons of recipes on the web that are completely animal product free.

Pasta- topped with a hearty marinara sauce, sided with some crusty whole wheat bread and a salad.  Easy-peasy.

Chipotle-style burritos- this is a family favorite and super healthy.  Tortillas, black beans, brown rice, guacamole, pico de galo, sautéed peppers and lettuce.  Roll it up and enjoy.  Again, if you really like the texture of sour cream, you can buy the tofu sour cream. In my opinion, it doesn’t really taste like anything but either does real sour cream….

Hope you are having a spectacular Tuesday.  We are loving our warmer weather.  The sun is shining, birds chirping and we are digging out the summer clothes.  Have a good one!


Middle of the Week Recipe {Vegan Lasagna}

Instead of typing up the whole recipe, I am gonna just give you the link.  I love this recipe and more importantly, my kids love this recipe.  They ask me to make this on a daily basis.  Seriously.

Tofu is not a crowd favorite around here. I will admit that it kinda gives me the heebee jeebees.  I have tried to cook it various ways but to no avail.  The only way that we really like tofu is in this lasagna.  Try it, you will probably like it. 

The only thing that I change (because I am totally lazy) is the sauce.  I don’t make it.  Nope.  I buy a jar of marinara sauce and doctor it up with some spices.  Works for me. 

So, here you go.  I hope your kids like it as much as ours.  Happy cooking.
Vegan Lasagna