Skatin’ {Winter Break Day One}

So, while many of our friends are enjoying their winter break on the beach sipping boat drinks, we are still hanging out at home in the snow and cold…sipping hot chocolate. We could feel sorry for ourselves but instead we are taking advantage of the situation. The sun was shining today so the kids and I headed to the skating pond. It was a bit windy but we enjoyed our time skating nonetheless. Mason is a bit under the weather but even he tried out his new ice skates for a few minutes and then sat down to watch the other kids. Unbelievably, we had the entire pond to ourselves. After skating, the older three played in the snow in our cul-de-sac. They love making scary sledding runs down the enormous piles of snow. I have to admit that they are fun:) and it is a good way to go sledding without leaving home!

It is so awesome that we get this break from school right in the middle of winter so we are going to enjoy every minute of it!  Have a great week mountain friends!  And here’s to lots of snow and a great winter season….and to a very warm spring.



DSC_0562_edited-1 DSC_0568_edited-1


Happy Valentine’s Day….almost.

We LOVE to make Valentine’s Day cards around here.

Well, I LOVE to make them and the kids put up with my crazy crafty moments.  Every year we try and come up with something super cute and new.  Nothing is original because we get the ideas (and tweak them) from Pinterest but they are new to us:)

If you need some fun ideas, here are the cards from last year and here are the cards from two years ago (those were my favorite).

This is what we came up with this year…

Alice liked this idea and I secretly I thought it might be sort of boring but they turned out adorable.  The great (or not so great, depending on who might be a craft control freak) thing about these cards is that Alice made them all by herself.  She painted all the rocks and designed the card herself.

I just glued.


Paige loves her Valentine’s and it was really hard not eating all the contents.  Smores.  Who doesn’t love a smore?!?!?  We came up with a few cute sayings but she finally decided on The World Needs Smore Love.

These are so Paigie.


Mason went with the non-food choice.  It can be hard to find homemade card ideas for boys. This one turned out pretty darn awesome, if you ask me.

He has two saying on his Valentines.  Girls- You make my heart race.  Boys- You are Wheelie cool. 


Evidently middle schoolers don’t pass out cards, so Sam just hung out and watched.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I can’t promise I will be around the blog tomorrow so here’s to a day filled with the people you love!

Give someone a hug!


Hangin’ with Dad

Last year, Scott started a new tradition with the girls.

The Daddy Daughter Dance.

The girls adore getting all dressed up and spending the evening dancing with their friends and (sometimes) their dads:)

The boys and I stayed home and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I adore spending time with my boys as well:)  and we didn’t have to get dressed up!

BTW, Paige was feeling a little down while I was taking pictures but she perked up by the time they arrived at the dance.







Today we are hanging out at home.  We have so much snow in our cul-de-sac that the kids can sled right in front of the house.  Scott and I even got out and did a few bumpy runs along with our (adult) neighbor, Sally.   We are working on a luge run through the middle:)  The snow is getting a bit out of control around here but it does make for fun sledding and snow ball fights.

See ya!



She may be little but….

Alice is definitely  MIGHTY!!!!

Alice is playing on the 5th grade basketball team and she loves it.  She is probably the smallest girl on her team but she is really good.   Of course, no bias here:)  She hustle the entire game and although she hasn’t scored any points yet, she works so hard.  We are super proud of her.  Scott snapped some shots of her at the last game.  She was pretty bummed that her team lost but she had tons of fun anyway.  Go Frisco!!!!





DSC_0442_edited-1Happy Tuesday!  Guess what?

It’s snowing.

Have a great day friends.