Trail Running

The summer trail series ended tonight with the last race. Alice and Sam both ran and raced really well. This series overlaps with their high school XC season so they are doing double right now. It was so fun to see them run. I am always unbelievably proud of them no matter what.

***Paige usually runs but was sore from practice this morning. Proud of her too:) And mason too but he hates running;)

Having teenagers is so much fun!

Summer’s End

As we approach the end of summer I start to think about all the fun we had and the great memories made. Tomorrow I go back to school and the kids go back next week. It’s time. They get antsy and bored and I get tired of extra dishes in the sink and dirty socks stuffed everywhere.

This is Sam’s last summer as a high schooler and that is giving me all the feels. He’s officially a senior! It’s been so fast but so amazing. Looking forward to all the “lasts” with him and tying to slow every day down and just savor it.

Happy end of summer vacation peeps. It’s been real fun. Here are a few shots that had to be posted;)

Just be clear….the summer weather is not ending…just the vacation!

Senior pictures, camping, backyard silliness, riding, running, racing, friends, family, vacations and just being together adds up to a whole lot of fun 😀

Eccles Pass {backpacking}

It’s been on our bucket list forever and we finally did. We hiked up to and camped on Eccles Pass. It is one of my most favorite places in Colorado. The views are spectacular and it looks like a scene out of a movie. It was a tough 8 mile hike up from our house but it was so worth it!

Now we are enjoying the warmth of the desert in Fruita. The kids are looking forward to swimming in Highline Lake and having a relaxing day.

Love this summer life!