Saddest Witch in the West

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post with this picture but I think that it deserves an explanation. Today was Fall Party Day at the kids school. We got costumes ready last night, everything laid out. Very exciting. When Alice got out of bed, I thought she felt a bit warm but I chalked it up to being warm and snugly in her bed (or denial, you choose). While I was brushing her hair she mentioned that her ankles hurt from standing too long. I felt her forehead and indeed she was running a temp. She has all the flu symptoms, fever, cough, stomach ache….oh man. Not today, please not today! I guess the flu doesn’t stop for Halloween parties. She looked so cute in her costume, even if she was sick.


On the brighter side, we get to wear our jammies all day, again. Well, Mason and I anyway. Paige is wearing a princess dress (her daily outfit) and Alice is still dressed in her witch costume, hoping for a miracle.

Another positive for this day, Alice lost ANOTHER tooth at breakfast. Now she is officially wishing for her two front teeth for Christmas. Adorable. When she is feeling better I will snap a toothless grin.


Finally, here is a pic of Sam as he headed out this morning. Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

Definitely not a Wordless Wednesday.

Birthday Boy

8 years ago at this moment I had been laboring for more than 24 hours and I was getting prepared for a c-section. A c-section…..that wasn’t in my birth plan. Remember that plan that we make when we find out we are pregnant. It explicitly said no Cesarean section. There I was being wheeled into the operating room. I remember how sad I was. It wasn’t going as planned. Little did I know that God had a different plan for us and for Samuel. The moment that I set eyes on Samuel I was in love. I could have cared less how he came into the world but just that he did healthy and happy.

Happy birthday Sam! We love you so much. It is hard to believe that you are celebrating your 8th birthday. We are so proud of the big boy that you have become. Hugs and kisses to you on this day and everyday!


Mom, Dad, Alice, Paige and Mason

Up and Running

Well, we are all healthy and I am hoping that it stays this way for a while. We had a nice weekend. Thursday night, Sam had his 2nd grade musical program. He looked so handsome in his suit and we were really proud of him. Friday night, Scott and I enjoyed a date night with a wonderful sushi dinner. It is always so nice to get out of the house together without kiddos in tow. Thanks to Kent and Vic for watching the kids at our house so that Mason could go to sleep in his own bed. Saturday Alice had a soccer game and then we headed out for pizza and a MSU football game. Today, while Scott worked I took the kids to church, taught an awesome Sunday school class, went to Sam’s Club for a pan of lasagna, ate lunch and cleaned up the house. Tonight, we had a party to celebrate Sam’s birthday. The actual day is tomorrow but because we are going to have such a crazy Monday we decided to celebrate a day early. Tomorrow Sam will celebrate with his class and then we will make his favorites for dinner. I hope you all had a great weekend. It is snowing here and we are suppose to get 3 inches tonight. The kids are praying for a snow day. I am praying for a school day with everyone back in their designated classes for once in a couple weeks.

Sam and my nephew Zach playing. When Aunt Stacie asked Sam what he wanted for his birthday he replied with “a remote control Tarantula”. Well….she found one! Aunt Stacie, you are the best!

Sam with his Lego cake. I really worked hard on this but it looked sort of ugly. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts….right?

Have a great Monday!

Another One Bites the Dust

Alice has lost her third tooth. It brought a tear to my eye. I remember when those pearly whites came in. Her two front teeth have been loose for, seriously, about 5 months. She likes to let them fall out, literally. And that is what this tooth did. She was sitting at the kitchen table, about to take a bite out of her waffle and it fell out. There was no blood, no crying, just a tooth lying on the kitchen table.

It seems that we will be having a visit from the tooth fairy very soon. Hopefully she remembers this time.

Wow, if this is how emotional I get over a lost tooth, imagine when they go to college.

Park Play

It is Friday and we are all healthy. For now. I know that sounds really pessimistic. Or just realistic? Sam and Paige have been home all week with the dreaded flu. High fever, headache, yucky cough and sore throat were their symptoms. Not fun. Most of their friends are home sick too. 106 kids gone from our elementary school yesterday.

Today, Sam could have gone back to school but it was a teacher workday so he was home again. We were needing some time out of the house and some tons of fun, so we headed to the park. It is a gorgeous fall day and the kids had a blast running, jumping, sliding, swinging and of course posing for pictures. Well, we couldn’t have a park day without a blog post. Our life isn’t that interesting 🙂

I hope you are all healthy and having a beautiful fall day!
Jennifer, mother of four.


The Broncos played this game in old uniforms, thus the yellow and burgundy.
The boys had great seats and a perfect view of the winning kick.

Trying to stay warm!

Scott and Sam went to the Broncos game yesterday. Samuel has been wanting to see a game at Mile High for some time now. Since we are getting close to his birthday, Scott and I discussed it and gave Sam the choice of presents or tickets to a Broncos game. After about 2 seconds, he chose the game. Yesterday’s game was the closest home game to his birthday which is on the 26th. The night before the game, we gave him a new Broncos t-shirt and told him about the game. Thrilled would be an understatement 🙂

Despite the cold and fog, they had a blast and saw an awesome game. The Broncos played the favored Patriots and beat them (much like the MSU v CMU game) in overtime.
Happy (early) Birthday Sam!

Sock Hop

The annual school Sock Hop was last night. While getting the kids ready for bed, I had the realization that we will be sock hopping for at least 7 more years. Always a fun and entertaining night. Pure fun for the kids. Isn’t that all that matters 🙂
Cotton candy, poodle skirts, licorice, black leather jackets, soda, white t-shirts, Elvis.
Oh my!

7 Months Home.

Loving on the baby

Feeding the baby
Sitting on the baby and stealing her bottle.

Our sweet boy is definitely all boy.
He loves his choo-choos.
Bus and car are two of his favorite words.
Momma is his all time favorite word and he chants it all day long.
Especially in the car.
He is walking all over the place.
His favorite sign is down.
M&M’s are his favorite treat.
Every time we go to the store he chants num-nums.
Mason is embracing the the age of 2.
He keeps me on my toes.
He never stops moving.
Except when he sleeps.
Which is rare.
He gives tons of kisses and hugs.
He loves his momma.
A lot.
And I love him.

Family Pictures

This morning we had our family pictures taken. Always a memorable experience. Normally we save this fun family bonding experience for church directories or impromptu holiday gatherings. I decided that we needed a real family portrait with Mason. As you might remember we had our family pictures taken last November for the church directory. Every time I walk past that picture hanging in our foyer, I feel bad. It really isn’t a family picture without the little guy. So today we headed to Divide to have the official Wescott family portraits taken, all six of us. Our friend, neighbor and photographer took the photos on her family property in Divide. 160 acres of gorgeous country. She took about a billion pictures so here’s to hoping that one turned out. The wiggle factor is always in effect when it comes to our kids. Mason wasn’t super happy about smiling or sitting still. Sam wasn’t thrilled about smiling or sitting still. Alice enjoyed screaming cheese or candy or any other word that we used to try and get Sam and Mason to smile. And Paige, well, bless her heart, she sat, smiled and wiggled only a teensy bit. I did offer a yummy treat for those who could sit still and smile nicely and it seemed to work for a couple shots. After the pictures we headed down the mountain to Woodland Park, had lunch, bought the yummy bribes and then headed to the park for a little energy release. Here are some cute shots that I took at the park. These kids always redeem themselves at the perfect times. Here’s to more family fun. Well, they did look cute after all.

Now he smiles.

The doughnuts even made me feel better.