Family Pictures

This morning we had our family pictures taken. Always a memorable experience. Normally we save this fun family bonding experience for church directories or impromptu holiday gatherings. I decided that we needed a real family portrait with Mason. As you might remember we had our family pictures taken last November for the church directory. Every time I walk past that picture hanging in our foyer, I feel bad. It really isn’t a family picture without the little guy. So today we headed to Divide to have the official Wescott family portraits taken, all six of us. Our friend, neighbor and photographer took the photos on her family property in Divide. 160 acres of gorgeous country. She took about a billion pictures so here’s to hoping that one turned out. The wiggle factor is always in effect when it comes to our kids. Mason wasn’t super happy about smiling or sitting still. Sam wasn’t thrilled about smiling or sitting still. Alice enjoyed screaming cheese or candy or any other word that we used to try and get Sam and Mason to smile. And Paige, well, bless her heart, she sat, smiled and wiggled only a teensy bit. I did offer a yummy treat for those who could sit still and smile nicely and it seemed to work for a couple shots. After the pictures we headed down the mountain to Woodland Park, had lunch, bought the yummy bribes and then headed to the park for a little energy release. Here are some cute shots that I took at the park. These kids always redeem themselves at the perfect times. Here’s to more family fun. Well, they did look cute after all.

Now he smiles.

The doughnuts even made me feel better.

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