Double poling…

Another weekend, another race…Nordic and swimming today. Scott braved the weather and followed Paige and Mason to Carbondale for Nordic races and I stayed local and got to see Alice in her element. She had a home swim meet. Unfortunately, the other team canceled due to weather so our girls had a mock meet and competed against each other. It was a really fun morning. I didn’t get pics of Alice but here are a few of Paige and Mason.

Mason wore his light up Christmas hat. Thanks grandma and grandpa ­čśť!

The video is of Paige’s start. She has really come a long way this year.

Happy Saturday!


I am one proud mama today. My big boy skied so well this weekend and qualified for the US ski mountaineering team. He now has the opportunity to ski for the US team in Switzerland in March!!! Sam has been competing in skimo races for about five years and he really kicked it into high gear about a year and half ago. He started training with a coach this season and has grown by leaps and bounds. He had the world qualifiers in his sights all last year and we are so excited for him to see out his dream:) This is a “getting up before school, driving to the mountain and skinning up in the dark” kind of accomplishment. Nice work buddy!

Back to work and school tomorrow!


Another day, another winter adventure

It’s been really fun exploring our new neighborhood. ┬áJust north of us is a golf course that offers free Nordic skiing in the winter (on groomed trails) and has a killer sledding hill. ┬áThe kids and I spent an hour checking out this crazy hill. ┬áThe sledding hill is so long and fast! ┬áOf course, in true Wescott fashion, the kids had to blaze their own paths….





We are loving this winter break and kinda sad to see it ending…

Each day is a blessing.


12 for 12 {2018}

12 pictures for 12 months of fun.

Last year at this time, I prayed that 2018 would be a better year. We struggled through 2017 and it was hard to see the light but, Thanks be to God, 2018 made for a fun, adventurous and sometimes tough year. Looking forward and praying for 2019.

Happy New Years!