The great gasoline debacle

Sam has a wonderful truck that my brother so kindly gifted to him. Its 21 years old and runs like a top. There are a few things that need work and Sam has been slowly working on them. One of the things that needs work is the gas gauge. It doesn’t work at all, shows empty all the time. So, because he can’t tell how much gas he has, Sam almost always pushes the trip and watches his mileage. And runs out of gas pretty frequently. His dad suggested he put a small gas can in the back just in case. What a great idea! It was an awesome idea until the gas can turned over and spilled all over the back of Sam’s vehicle. No big deal, right? Except, on any given day, Sam has two pairs of skis and boots, skins, 400 socks, base layers, jeans, hoodies, ski clothes, backpacks, helmets, a towel and 500 or so other miscellaneous items back there. They were all soaked. With gasoline.

He was pretty worried he might be in trouble so he scooped up all the clothes including the ones he was wearing and threw them in the wash. Yep. The washing machine now smells like gasoline…and the clothes…and the house…and the garage…and everything else within a mile of our home.

Thank God for The Google because we have researched every way possible to get gasoline out of stuff. I’ve soaked his clothes in vinegar, baking soda, coffee grounds, Dawn dish soap and powdered lemonade. They finally are wearable, I think. We’ve sprinkled two cans of coffee on the carpet in his car. It still smells but now you can actually get in the car. Just imagine a gas station coffee smell. We’ve run two packets of powdered lemonade through the washing machine. You can only smell a faint whiff of gas if you put your head all the way in the drum. We’ve scrubbed, washed and cleaned just about everything in and outside the house. It’s been a long few days!

We are so happy it’s the weekend around here. Did I mention it’s been snowing off and on for over a week?

The Wescott’s are going in three different directions today. Scott and Sam are in Santa Fe for a skimo race. Alice is in her way to Grand Junction for a swim meet and Mason Paige have a Nordic ski race in Grandby.

I’m staying home. All by myself.

Happy Saturday!


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