Alice {senior pictures}

Let me just say that two kids back to back was terrible planning. Just as I’m starting to get used to Sam being away, I start again with another child. Here we go again!

Alice asked me to take her senior pictures. I was honored to take her pictures and very sure she would change her mind once she saw them. Thankfully, they turned out great and she was thrilled. I had an easy subject. Alice has always been super photogenic so it makes it fun to take her picture.


Welp. I think I did a pretty good job blogging during quarantine but I stunk it up over the summer. Summer looked different this year but we spent a ton of time outside and made the most of it! Here are some shots from our 2020 summer.

I spent a fun weekend with Alice, Paige and Mason at Highline State Park in Fruita. It was so hot they only came out of the water to eat.

After celebrating her 17th birthday, our sweet Jessie girl left this earth. It was sad but she had a wonderful life and is no longer in pain.

I spent way too much time on my paddle board. Sally and I paddled 10 miles around the lake one morning, starting at sunrise. It was glorious and exhausting.
We played frisbee golf a couple times. Mason
got really good and I got okay. Scott is still really good at this, which is annoying.
We took Sam to college. I may or may not still be crying over leaving him in Bozeman. Man, parenting really is hard. Good news is he did in fact graduate from high school.
We hiked to my favorite spot and took family pictures.
I summited Ptarmigan and didn’t have a panic attack.
These three started school (two days a week). It’s our new normal;)

2020 has definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones but we are making it work and finding the silver lining which is more time together. As the kids get bigger, time seems to go faster and I love every minute I get with these kiddos.