Great Kid Reads

If there is one thing that I spend a ton of time doing it is reading.  I should probably be doing laundry instead.  I digress.  As I have mentioned before, the kids also really love to read and be read to.  One of the best times of the day is bedtime.  At bedtime, we try and read with each of the kids individually.  A great way to get a few minutes one-on-one.  If I don’t have that time with my kids throughout the day, I know that we will get it at bedtime. Precious time.
Sam is working through the Harry Potter series and is currently reading the hefty #4.  He spends a lot of his free time at school reading and has finished #2 and #3 since the beginning of school.  He is also starting the Percy Jackson series. I have to admit that I am recommending this on a friend’s advice.  I haven’t read it yet.  If I am ever in doubt about a book my kids want to read, I just read it first. 
Like me, he tends to read a couple books at once.  It hasn’t been a challenge finding good books for him. 
 For Alice it has been a bit harder.  I have found that there are not as many great series for girls. I was on a mission last week to find some books in Alice’s level that would keep her interest.  I think I may have found one.  Nancy Drew.  She is now a hip and cool 8 year old that solves mysteries with her two best friends.  Are the words hip and cool even hip and cool any more?!?!?!  Anyway… very appropriate and refreshing from some of the other books she has read lately.  Totally.  Supercool. Hey people, it was in the book!
She has read a ton of the Magic Tree House books and enjoys those but after a while they start to all sound alike.  She also enjoys Junie B. Jones. I have to admit that originally I didn’t care for them because they had tons of Wescott swear words in them i.e. dumb, stupid, ain’t, fat, idiot, etc.  After I got past the bad words (and changed them when I read out loud) I started to laugh at all Junie B’s antics. She really is silly and funny. 
Although Paige is not reading yet, she enjoys Junie B. and laughs out loud as I read to her.  Paige also likes the American Girls books.  They are interesting and historical.  I really enjoy them although I will read most anything within reach.
Do you have a great series for your girls?  What are they reading right now?  Any great suggestions?

Good night.  I think that it might be time for a new book 🙂 

Manic Monday

2 kids down at our house.  Sam and Paige are sick. Stomach bug and headache. I would trade the stomach bug for most any other temporary illness.  Really!  With the exception of pneumonia or swine flu (we’ve had both here) I would happily give up vomiting. 

Yesterday while my family slept, got up, ate breakfast, went to church and then Sunday school, I ran.  I ran 18 miles or better yet 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Yah for me!  3 weeks to go! 

For no reason at all, I am posting a picture from one year ago. Guess what we were up to???  Better yet, what Mason was up to?
One year ago,  I snapped this picture of my sweet guy toddling around the driveway. The helmet was a biking accessory but helpful when walking on the cement driveway as well. Now, he is running all over the place getting into all sorts of trouble.
I am trying to get some sewing done.  I have started sewing some Christmas presents which is great fun!  Hopefully I can get my Etsy shop back up and running soon.
Sorry for the randomness of this post. Sort of how our life goes with four kids. 

Not So Bad

Okay, so in my last post I was really dogging on the hills surrounding our house.  Yeah, they can be a pain in the butt, literally. As I was out running yesterday, I decided that I wasn’t really being fair because for all the said butt kicking they do, I love them and cannot imagine running anywhere else.  So, I took some pictures for you.  Life in the foothills is an adventure and definitely breathtaking.

The view to the north
The view to the south
……and on each and every run, I always am greeted by the wildlife.  This deer was munching brush oak on the side of our house.  He didn’t mind that I snapped his picture just as long as he could continue decimating my trees. Now, luckily, this is the only kind of wildlife I have encountered out on a run.  On Monday we received a call from the kid’s school.  Some rather large animals, such as bears, mountain lions and bobcats had been spotted on or near school grounds.  Funny, I just ran past there yesterday.
Have a great Wednesday!
p.s. The kids had another cross country meet yesterday afternoon and they all did great.  Paige ran her little heiny off and finished ninth in a sea of about 40 kindergarten girls.  Yah!!!!!

So far

Well, once again, I have left you on the edge of your seats, awaiting my running update.  Hahahahhha!  Yesterday afternoon, I somehow talked my running partner into going 15 miles with me.  She was a bit reluctant as she isn’t really training for anything but my marathon. Bless her heart, she trudged along with me for 15 miles up and over many big hills.  At one point (about 7 miles out), we looked at each other and realized we were still going away from our houses and losing elevation at a rapid rate.  Basically, we were going to turn around and go uphill all the way home.  I love, love, love living so close to the mountains except when I am out for a marathon training run.  No matter what, running from the house means that I finish on an uphill, a big one.  A great workout and a real butt killer after a long run.  Soooo, we did it.  My feet hurt and I am moving a bit slower than usual, but I did it.  I went past my 13 mile wall and didn’t die.  Seriously, the thought of it made me scared for my life.  Now….I have to conquer 18 or so. Let’s not think about that right now. Also, I think that may have been the last training run that Kristin runs with me for a while.

Back to the grind tomorrow but just a short 5 miles.  It’s amazing how manageable 5 miles seems once you have run 15.  And to think Scott ran 100.  Sheesh.  That is so ridiculous.
Have a great Monday. 

Good Times

Yesterday was a busy day of soccer games, work around the house, running and a barbecue in the mountains. We started the day at Sam’s soccer game. He played really well and spent the first half as goalie (about 30 instant heart attacks for momma). In the afternoon, Scott and I worked around here getting some chores done and then in the afternoon we headed up to Divide for a barbecue at a neighbor’s cabin. The weather was beautiful and the aspens were beginning to change from green to gold. I had fun snapping pics of the kids.

Have a great Sunday.  I am off to run….15 miles.  Here I go, falling over that wall.  I hope I don’t fall flat on my face. Scott ran 14 plus this morning in a gorgeous run around Rampart Reservoir. 

Like a chicken with my head cut off…..

I have been away from this blog for an entire week.  I know, I know.  You want the pictures.  Well, you got it.

We have all been running.  Literally running.  I got in two long runs this weekend.  Saturday I ran 12.8 miles early with Kristin and then Sunday, Scott and I ran about 10 (he ran more, I didn’t) together. I am hitting this half-marathon wall.  I gotta get over it even if that means I hoist myself up and fall over on the other side. I gotta get there.  Summer~ any running thoughts?!?!?! 

Sam, Alice and Paige had their first cross country meet today.  All three ran really well.  Sam finished 9th overall and Alice and Paige were really close to finishing in the top 10.  What can I say…they take after their dad 🙂  Mason and I raced (no, really we did) back and forth between the start and finish to catch everybody.  It is such a blast to see them out there having fun and getting exercise as well.  After the meet, we took Sam to soccer practice where I proceeded to do the daddy hand-off.  Down one child, the rest of us headed home to scarf down some mac n’ cheese and tuna n’ peas and finish up homework.  Finally, all children are sleeping soundly.  Who said this parenting thing got easier?!?!?!?

Now I am going to run to my bed (no, really, I am). 
Enjoy the pics of my adorable running machines.

Alice and friends goofing off before race
Paige waiting for her race to start
Posing for the the awards picture. 
Can you read that?!?!?!?!  Class of 2023!?!?!?!?

First Day of Preschool

Mason had his first day of school today.  My baby. went. to. school.  I can hardly believe it! He did great.  No tears for him or me.  I was so proud. Of him, of course.  And I had three whole hours of alone time.  I can hardly believe it! 
Off to pick up my other three angels, head to cross country practice,then home for a quick dinner and then off to soccer practice.  I will be dreaming of my alone time…..

One Last Time

Today was the last pool day for the summer.  So sad.  The weather was so nice that it just didn’t seem right, it being the last day and all.  I guess fall is coming whether I am ready for it or not 🙂  Anyhoo, here are the last pool pictures that you all have to endure, for this summer at least.  Hard to believe it is September.  Here’s to turning leaves, fleece jackets and soccer games.  Bring it on, I am ready!

(out cold)

I hope you all enjoyed the day off and spent it well!

Labor Day Camping

This weekend we spent two nights up in Divide at our annual church retreat.  This weekend is always full of activities, fun and fellowship.  The ranch property is gorgeous and I never get enough of hiking around and taking in the beauty of the land.  The upper campground where we tent camp looks out over the ranch and Pikes Peak.  The kids love running around exploring, building forts, hauling logs and playing games with their friends. This year some new church families attended the retreat and it was so great to see some new faces.  Today we ended the retreat with worship time in the open air amphitheater.

Scott and the kids taking a stroll through the new labyrinth on the ranch.

Scott and Mason getting the lines ready for fishing.

Making ice-cream.  Mason and Scott are rolling it back and forth.

Mason and his friend eating smores by the campfire.
Mason finds a caterpiller.

Nothing. Or..Maybe a little bit of everything.

I have come to this silly blog about a zillion times and have nothing to say.  Okay, so, it isn’t that I don’t have anything to say, I just haven’t had the energy to relay it all to you.  Anyway, here goes. 
The kids have gone back to school and they are getting into a routine.  The hardest part of our day is at the end of school.  The kids come out of three different doors on three different sides of the building.  I have been working on using the drive-thru line more but in the instance when I need to park and meet them at the school, I am having difficulty catching them all.  I am sure we will get it all figured out sooner or later 🙂  Paige is loving Kindergarten.  She has a really sweet teacher and aide.  Sam and Alice are enjoying their classes as well.  Sam’s teacher teaches in a really unique way and the kids love it.  Alice is in a more “traditional” class and that works for her as well.  Overall, a pretty good start to the year.  Mason had his preschool open house on Thursday morning.  He is soooo excited to start school.  At the open house, he met his teacher, had a snack, played outside and met some new friends.  I know he is going to love it!  He starts on Tuesday morning.
I am really missing the kids being home and the relaxed nature of summer.  We had such a fun, busy summer.  Busy in a good way.  Is it bad that I am already planning field trips for next summer?  A few things we wanted to do this summer but didn’t have time for…Georgetown train ride, Butterfly Pavilion, Waterworld….oh how I love summer!! I am sure that I will snap out of this funk soon.
Sam has started soccer practices and all three older kids are running cross country so I will have lots to start posting about very soon. 
This weekend we are camping at our annual church retreat in Divide.  Always an awesome time of fun and fellowship with some great people.  I should probably start packing soon…..
Guess what?!?!  I am finally growing  a summer squash in my garden.  After faithful watering, lots of watching and animal nibbling, we are getting produce. Okay, so far, I only see one piece but I have high hope for my garden (before it snows).  Sam is still waiting for his tomato plants to produce fruit but I don’t have the heart to tell him, that may not happen.
Here’s to finding some energy (or caffeinated soda)!  I hope you all are having a wonderful start to September and enjoy a nice Labor Day weekend. Much love from the CO Wescotts!
Love, Jennifer