Great Kid Reads

If there is one thing that I spend a ton of time doing it is reading.  I should probably be doing laundry instead.  I digress.  As I have mentioned before, the kids also really love to read and be read to.  One of the best times of the day is bedtime.  At bedtime, we try and read with each of the kids individually.  A great way to get a few minutes one-on-one.  If I don’t have that time with my kids throughout the day, I know that we will get it at bedtime. Precious time.
Sam is working through the Harry Potter series and is currently reading the hefty #4.  He spends a lot of his free time at school reading and has finished #2 and #3 since the beginning of school.  He is also starting the Percy Jackson series. I have to admit that I am recommending this on a friend’s advice.  I haven’t read it yet.  If I am ever in doubt about a book my kids want to read, I just read it first. 
Like me, he tends to read a couple books at once.  It hasn’t been a challenge finding good books for him. 
 For Alice it has been a bit harder.  I have found that there are not as many great series for girls. I was on a mission last week to find some books in Alice’s level that would keep her interest.  I think I may have found one.  Nancy Drew.  She is now a hip and cool 8 year old that solves mysteries with her two best friends.  Are the words hip and cool even hip and cool any more?!?!?!  Anyway… very appropriate and refreshing from some of the other books she has read lately.  Totally.  Supercool. Hey people, it was in the book!
She has read a ton of the Magic Tree House books and enjoys those but after a while they start to all sound alike.  She also enjoys Junie B. Jones. I have to admit that originally I didn’t care for them because they had tons of Wescott swear words in them i.e. dumb, stupid, ain’t, fat, idiot, etc.  After I got past the bad words (and changed them when I read out loud) I started to laugh at all Junie B’s antics. She really is silly and funny. 
Although Paige is not reading yet, she enjoys Junie B. and laughs out loud as I read to her.  Paige also likes the American Girls books.  They are interesting and historical.  I really enjoy them although I will read most anything within reach.
Do you have a great series for your girls?  What are they reading right now?  Any great suggestions?

Good night.  I think that it might be time for a new book 🙂 

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