Family Fun at the Wescott’s

Scott’s parents went home today. We haven’t seen them since last Christmas so we were all really excited for their visit. The kids had such a blast with their grandparents and we are truly blessed to have them visit. Hopefully they are having a quiet ride home. Life with three kids can be crazy!

This past weekend we went camping in Golden Gate State Park. We stayed in a rustic cabin (beds, table and propane heater) instead of tent camping. The evenings are getting cooler here so we thought the cabin would work better for all. We stayed busy hiking and fishing. The kids had a ball playing cards with Grandma and Papa. We never have to take toys camping because the kids have so much fun just searching for rocks and running around the woods. Paige caught her first fish. Unfortunately, as she was reeling it in, it jumped off her line. We all got a quick peek at it before it jumped ship….so we counted it as “caught”! The Aspen trees were beautiful and had mostly all turned. It was a gorgeous fall weekend. Of course, the kids enjoyed hot cocoa and smores around the fire. Who doesn’t? On the ride home, we stopped in Golden for a bite to eat and a quick stroll on the river walk.

Alice is still playing soccer. Her games are so fun to watch. I am not sure if she has actually made contact with the ball yet but she is great at chasing it around the field! Last night, in the second period, she got tangled up in a pile of kids and hurt her pinkie finger. She sat out for the rest of the game, in case it was broken. Oh well, sorry Grandma! At least it wasn’t too cold 🙂 Enjoy the video…Alice is the one with the bow on her head…of course.
I hope that you all had a nice weekend. If you are reading, please comment and let me know that you are here!

Life has been really a bit crazy around here. Scott’s parents have been visiting with us since last Thursday and we have hardly sat down. They are getting a front row seat to the business of being SAHM to three active kids under 6. They have accompanied us to cross country meets, birthday parties, soccer games, karate class and down to school every morning. They also got to have lunch with the kids at school and take a peek at their classrooms. Today, kid free, we rode the Cog Railway up to the summit of Pikes Peak. The weather could not have been better and you really could see to Kansas from the top. We had some of those famous donuts made only at the summit (secret recipe) and took tons of pictures. Stay tuned for more…this weekend we are camping at Golden Gate State Park.

What a breathtaking view from the summit!

This sign points back down the trail, luckily we were riding down 🙂

Scott’s parents enjoying the view from the top.

Another beautiful view…there really isn’t a bad one.

Run Like the Wind

Sam and Alice had their first cross country meet yesterday after school. They both did awesome and ran the entire course which was a little over 1/4 mile. My understanding is that every race will be a little longer. It was so fun to see them excited about running.

Wow, doesn’t this sum up their personalities?

Of course, we couldn’t have a post without a cute Paige picture. Workin’ the glasses and hat before the track meet.

This weekend we had such nice family time. Between kid activities, work, school, etc. we don’t find ourselves all home at the same time very often during the week. On the weekend, it is so nice to just spend time together as a family.
Friday night, we rented movies, ordered Chinese food and just hung out!
On Saturday morning, very early and before half of my family was out of bed, I went to the Chef Catalog Warehouse sale with my friend Victoria and some of her neighbors. We waited in line for about an hour until the sale opened. Wow! These ladies (and some men) were vicious. They were filling their carts so fast. I couldn’t even concentrate on what was on sale because I kept checking out what everyone else was picking up! Easy on the caffeine people! I finally elbowed my way to the pots and pans section to see what I could find. I ended up with 3 new stainless steel pans that were a great deal! I also managed to find 8 matching cloth napkins for a dollar a piece. Mom~ you would love it, look for the next sale in April! We enjoyed the latter half of the day at a picnic for our neighborhood babysitting co-op. The kids had a ton of fun playing with their classmates and neighbor friends. This group of families is wonderful and I am not sure what I would do without them.
Today we are trying to get our house in order for company. Scott’s parents are visiting this Thursday and we hope to have all our projects (aka messes) completed (picked up) by then. The kids are really excited and keep asking if tomorrow will be Thursday.
Have a great week.
Sam and Alice have their first cross country meet on Tuesday. Now that should be very amusing and great fun for all 🙂 They have loved their practices but come home exhausted! This makes for a very easy bedtime.

Let’s see how many kids we can get on top of that car!

Thankful Thursday

On this day, I am remembering all the things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful for Sam. He was in my belly on this day, seven years ago. His energy keeps me on my toes and reminds me to keep moving everyday and his smile melts my heart.

I am thankful for Alice. Her sensitivity and love are endless and her hugs stay around my neck long after she is gone.

I am thankful for Paige. We believe she is pure sweetness and her cuddles are always welcome.

I am thankful for my husband, Scott. He loves me no matter my mood or how many activities I join 🙂

I am thankful that I live in America.

There are so many more things in which I am thankful.

My parents and Scott parents who travel so far to spend time with us. We are thankful!

Our siblings and their spouses and nieces and nephews! Close or far, we love them and are thankful.

Family and our friends who remain our family away from home.

I am thankful we are through renewing our adoption paperwork! I am thankful that we continue to be one day closer to meeting our precious child.

I am thankful the monthly cleaning lady came today!

I am thankful Scott made it home safely from Chicago!

I am thankful Sam and Alice love running!

I could continue all afternoon but then who would cook dinner?

Not me! I am definitely thankful to my neighbor, Diane, who cooked dinner for us this evening. I am thankful for our neighborhood supper swap and to Jenn for organizing it!

What are you thankful for?

Preschool, soccer, bike riding….busy week at the Wescott house!

This week we were all really busy. Paige started preschool on Tuesday. She will be attending two times a week. Please, don’t ask me what I will do with all my time! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that this week. Three hours, twice a week. Just enough time to volunteer in Sam and Alice’s classrooms, grocery shop, clean the house, laundry, errands, etc. etc. Let’s just say, I haven’t enjoyed any bon bons yet! However, on the first day, I did keep looking in my rear view mirror with the feeling that something was missing. Oh yeah! My three kids. Then I had to ask myself, why am I still listening to kid songs? I digress.

Anyway, she loves it and her teachers. I can’t believe my baby started school. That went way too fast!

My nephew, E, showing me his scary tiger before school starts. He goes to the same school on the same days as Paige.
Okay, on to Wednesday. Alice had her first soccer game. Her team name is the Cyber Rays. The Cyber Rays??? What exactly is a cyber ray?. Not sure. What I do know is she is an adorable one with her neon green/yellow shirt hanging down over her knees. Please don’t get me going on the color of the shirt. No kidding, I am pretty sure it glows in the dark. Don’t look at it too long, your eyes might burn. Go Alice, Go! 5 year old soccer is so much fun to watch!

Thursday. It seemed like a pretty okay day until I got a flat tire. I was on my way to a meeting/dinner with friends. Good thing it was right in front of Chef’s Catalog. Just another excuse to shop. Thanks to Scott and the kids for coming and changing my tire and pretty quickly sending me off on my way.

In the middle of all this mayhem, Sam started karate in the evenings and Scott was home sick. Wow! On to next week. In all our free time, LOL, the kids have been practicing riding their bikes. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Sam started riding his two wheeler, sans training wheels. The minute Alice got her training wheels off, Sam decided he could ride his bike. Amazing how that works! Paige has now inherited Alice’s pink “big girl” bike with training wheels and a basket. She is very excited to give her tricycle to Baby Stella. I have a video of Sam riding his bike for the first time, but I am having trouble posting. Stay tuned.

I did it!

I ran my first half-marathon this morning. Yeah! My friend Laura and I really wanted to run the Pike’s Peak Ascent this year but we found out too late that we had to qualify so our goal was to run a half marathon and qualify so that we could run the Ascent next summer (if we decide to be so crazy!). We both finished well. 2:12:57 Yeah! Lucky for us, we had our own cheering section. Laura’s family and Scott and the kids stopped at the half way point to cheer us on and then scooted down to the finish to catch us there as well. Have a great Labor Day! We are off to a picnic!
BTW, Sam learned to ride his two wheeler bike yesterday afternoon. I am working on editing that video and it should be posted very soon! Scott took off Alice’s training wheels so she will probably be chasing after him in no time 🙂

Still looking happy at the halfway point….

It’s official! I finished.

My cheering section!