I did it!

I ran my first half-marathon this morning. Yeah! My friend Laura and I really wanted to run the Pike’s Peak Ascent this year but we found out too late that we had to qualify so our goal was to run a half marathon and qualify so that we could run the Ascent next summer (if we decide to be so crazy!). We both finished well. 2:12:57 Yeah! Lucky for us, we had our own cheering section. Laura’s family and Scott and the kids stopped at the half way point to cheer us on and then scooted down to the finish to catch us there as well. Have a great Labor Day! We are off to a picnic!
BTW, Sam learned to ride his two wheeler bike yesterday afternoon. I am working on editing that video and it should be posted very soon! Scott took off Alice’s training wheels so she will probably be chasing after him in no time 🙂

Still looking happy at the halfway point….

It’s official! I finished.

My cheering section!

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