Cross Country {times 3}

Our fall weekends have been really busy with cross-country meets.  Unfortunately, the middle school and high school only have two overlapping meets but Scott and I are making it work.

So we are mostly doing this…..


And some of this….


and lots of this…..(below…Alice coming in fast for a second place finish).


No complaints here…is has been a gorgeous fall for running and we couldn’t be prouder of our all our kids.

Back to School (2016-17)

Just 5 weeks late….but who’s counting!

Samuel 9th grade, Alice 8th grade, Paige 6th grade and Mason 4th.  Mom (not pictured)….back to school full-time as a special needs paraprofessional.  Whew!



(taken with my cell phone….don’t judge….4th child!)

Sam is loving high school, running varsity cross-country, just finished his last MTB race of the season, plays his trombone with the Summit Youth Orchestra, learning to play the tuba, just joined Speech and Debate and won’t miss church youth group for anything.

Alice had a fun summer with her friends. She is running middle school cross-country, loves playing the flute, is excited to start Geography Bee, and is preparing to audition for the Lion King Jr.

Paige is loving middle school.  She has made a ton of new friends.  She is running on the heels of her sister in cross-country and is also getting ready for an audition, learning to play piano and percussion and getting used to switching classes!

Mason is taking 4th grade by storm.  He is always helpful at school and home.  He is working on the next belt in karate and learning how to take down an opponent (Sam), just started an all boys hip hop class and can’t wait for chess club to start.

Mom is driving.  A lot.

Dad’s head is spinning.

Again. Whew.  And it has only been five weeks.