Paint Mines

Today was our field trip day.  Like last summer, we dedicate each day of the week to something different. Monday- art project, Tuesday- cleaning, errands, Wednesday- movie day, Thursday-field trip, Friday- cooking. 

Today we went to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan.  Aside from being really hot, the kids gave the hike a thumbs up. If you are interesting in checking it out, wear a hat and lots of sunscreen because there are no trees out there on the plains.  None.  Nada.  No trees whatsoever. Just letting you know……

I was really good and took my camera but unfortuately I left it on overnight and the batteries died, soooo I didn’t take any pictures.  Pictures are from Thanks!

Art Monday

Guest Blogger: Sam Wescott

Today we painted a mural on the basement wall. Last summer we painted the ocean and  this summer we are painting a meadow. There are mountains in the back. In the painting there will be animals like deer, birds, and a  mountain goat(s).  My sisters, brother and mom are helping paint. We are painting it on a wall in the workout area of the basement. There might be bugs in it also. So far we used the colors blue, brown, and green.  I hope we do a good job on it.  We don’t want our deer to look like hungry bears!!!  Stay tuned for more pictures!

It is fun to paint on the basement walls because you can get messy and we won’t get in trouble for painting on the walls!


Our art work so far.  We will continue to work on it throughout the summer!

Got It Goin’ On

Busy. Busy. Busy. Weekend.

We started out our weekend on Friday with a movie night at the neighbors.
Saturday morning we got up really early and drove 2 hours to get here.

Another swim meet.  Eat my bubbles…….
After the swim meet and lunch we hung out in Denver for the day and then in honor of Father’s Day we went here.

Denver Rockies vs. Detroit Tigers. 
 One of us was cheering for the Tigers.  five of us were cheering for the Rockies. 
Rockies win 5-4.  Go Rockies!
Sunday morning five of us went to church and one of us went for a bike ride.  After lunch we headed here.

Of course, the pool.  My mom met us there for dinner and the kids (Scott included) had fun swimming and getting really  dirty in the sandbox. 
Happy Father’s Day, Scott!
From the five of us.

No More

Almost two years ago, Mason had the last casts removed. You remember those casts.  The ones that he sported around town for three months.  If you didn’t know, Mason was born with bilateral clubfoot.  He started a casting correction as soon as we brought him home. 

He then started wearing these fancy shoes and brace for 23 hours a day.

After 3 months his feet looked so good that he only had to wear them 14 hours a day.
After 3 more months, Mason’s doctor gave us the good news.  Wear the brace at nap and night time.  Yahoo! That was a good day.
Once Mason dropped his daily nap, he continued to wear his nifty brace at bedtime.
Well, last week he had another appointment and he got great news. 

Swim Meet

Well, it is that time of year again.  Yep, you got it.  The swimsuit edition.

Today was the first meet of the season. Our team always has a mock meet so that the kids remember the drill and new swimmers can get a feel for how a meet runs.  Our weather has been gorgeous but this morning it was very cold and rainy.  The kids were troopers and swam well despite the crummy weather. Today was Paige’s first meet and she did great! 

Have an awesome weekend! 

Costa Rica

I arrived home from my trip to Costa Rica on Monday afternoon. I was in the country for 9 days with a mission team from our church.  Our missional goal was to make building progress on a parsonage at one of the local Methodist churches in San Pedro and run a successful vacation bible school for the children of the church and surrounding community.  I traveled with eleven awesome men and women and could not have asked to serve with a more wonderful group of people.  We spent 5 days working really hard hauling dirt and rocks, filling concrete forms, laying block, making mortar, moving concrete blocks and on and on…..Our afternoons were spent with the kids and were filled with music, crafts, bible stories and tons of fun.  We met great families along the way, making it really hard to say goodbye by the last day.  Our team was blessed to be able to worship twice with our new friends.  Worshipping in La Iglesia Metodista was very much the same as we do at Wilson, very spiritual and uplifting. We had an wonderful week filled with hard work and great fellowship.  All the glory goes to God, for the work He put in front of us and the ability to push through that work together.
I hope to write more later but for now enjoy some of the pictures…a lot of pictures…really a lot….

 the Methodist seminary where we slept and ate most of our meals
 an oxen cart on the way up to the volcano, Irazu

 courtyard at the seminary

 our first job was hauling concrete blocks
 sifting dirt to make mortar
filling forms with concrete, one trowel at a time 🙂

 our team at the work site

 crab soccer with some of our new friends at the church

one of my new buddies I met during vbs

 Costa Rican rainforest
We met this little guy on our nature walk, green tree frog

just one of many gorgeous flowers growing wild in the rainforest.
Have a great week! Enjoy this beautiful weather!


….arrived while I was gone.  Wow!  I am loving this hot sunny wearther and as you can see from the pictures, so are the kids! They played out in the yard most of the afternoon.

Check back tomorrow for my Costa Rica mission trip photos.  I am still in the process of editing them, all 300 of them 🙂 
Have a blessed day!