Kid Free Vacation {Day 4 and 5}

Okay, so it seems that all my reading, napping and relaxing does not amount to much content when it comes to blogging.  I am super busy doing nothing, in case you are interested.  Yesterday (day 4, in case you were keeping track), was a pretty quiet day.  The weather was beautiful and warm.  I found a park bench under a shady redwood with my name on it.  Me, myself and a new book took advantage and spent a long time just hanging out.  When Scott arrived back from his training we hopped in the car for a short drive over to Santa Cruz.  We had a nice stroll down the pier and then an even nicer dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  I did cheat on my plant based diet with some very delicious sea scallops. Scott behaved.  Just between you and me, it was kind of annoying.

While strolling down the pier we heard some sea lions talking. Do sea lions talk?  I need to have Sam look that up.  We look over the railing and saw about 5 or 6 of them laying on a platform under the pier. It was really cool.  Sorry for the low picture quality as it was right at dusk.

Today, in a effort to check out a bit more of my surrounding, I headed southwest toward the mountains.  I wanted to check out a county park that sounded interesting. The drive was amazing.  The trees were hanging over the road and at some points I couldn’t even see the sky.  Awesome.  I found the park, which was closed for winter or something, but I didn’t mind because the pretty drive had been so worth it.  It reminded me a bit of Costa Rica, so lush and green.  Maybe I am just used to the arid mountain desert in which we live.   I headed back down the mountain, got a late lunch and read some more. I adapt easily, for sure.  
Here’s to day 6!

Kid Free Vacation {Day 3}

Man.  I am only 3 days into our vaca and I totally missed posting on Day 2 🙂
I am getting lots and lots of time to read and relax.  I sometimes feel a bit guilty with all this time on my hands:)
Anyway, we are enjoying our time away. Scott is learning a lot and loving riding his choice of fancy bikes.  Last night we went for a great run together and then had a soak in the hot tub.
Today, I am going to get some lunch and then find a nice hike.

Here are some pics on our drive down from San Francisco. The waves were huge, intimidating and beautiful!

Beauty and the Beach

Yesterday, as Scott and I were heading out of San Francisco along the Pacific coast, we noticed a gorgeous beach.  Scott pulled over so that I could take somepictures and that was when we noticed the kite surfers.  I am not sure if this is the name for them but that is what I am calling them. The waves were huge and these guys (maybe girls) were cruising along through the water.


Kid Free Vacation {Day 1}

Guess where we went today?


Check this one off the bucket list.
Gold Gate Bridge, San Francisco.  Awesome.
No, huge AND awesome.

We also saw some other super cool stuff and had dinner all by ourselves.
Just the two of us.

I took this picture while I was clinging to the railing for dear life. Just kidding.  But.   It is seriously super high.  And we hadn’t even gone out on the bridge yet.

Alcatraz.  This place is slightly intimidating from the mainland. I cannot imagine going in there.

Lombard Street.  Kinda twisty and steep.  This gives a new meaning to switchback.


Just a Walk in the Park

This afternoon we met some friends from school at a local park. The sun was shining and warm on our faces. The kids were running around without heavy coats or hats. It was a good day to be at the park. Today we are thankful for so many things.

Tomorrow Scott and I are off to California for a little togetherness:)  In reality, Scott has a bike training and I have about a hundred books I want to read.  A great combination if you ask me.  So many thanks to Scott’s parents who are watching the kiddos. Say a really large prayer for grandma and grandpa and for their momma, who doesn’t even like to be away from them for one night.

Have a great weekend!

I Love Monday Morning

I know most of you don’t love a Monday morning.  I have been there.  In my previous life, when I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for a week of lesson planning and teaching, I often dreaded Monday mornings.  After I became a stay at home work at home mom, I continued to dread Monday mornings because that was the start of a long week home alone with three small children and little or no parental backup.  Scott worked long hours and traveled a ton when Sam, Alice and Paige were tiny. I remember crying into his shirt and hugging him with all my might, begging him to stay home.  In truth, I loved staying home but Monday mornings were always hard for me.
I have grown to love most Monday mornings.  Once Scott and the three oldest head off to school, Mason and I enjoy a nice quiet morning together.  This morning I am blogging (well, obviously) and Mason is watching an old rerun of Inspector Gadget.  Remember those cool gogogadget arms?!?!?  Anyway, I digress.
It is pretty quiet around here and after an awesome weekend with four kiddos, I am enjoying the calm of this Monday morning.  It is almost hard to remember those crazy Monday mornings not so long ago.  Because I don’t usually go into the store on Mondays, I can hang out a little longer in my bathrobe, and that is very good.


We have been having some pretty stellar weather up here in the mountains.  Yesterday, I opened windows AND we ate lunch out on the front deck.  After lunch, Mason and I headed inside for some nap time (Mason didn’t sleep but I may have dozed off).  Sam, Alice and Paige hung out on the deck drawing and reading and just having fun.  I think we all really needed a warm day to recharge.  I know, I know.  Everybody keeps telling me that March is the biggest snow month of the year so I am just recharging for the next round of the white stuff.
I hope you all are having an awesome Monday morning and maybe even a warm sunny one too!

Please excuse the pizza sauce on these cute faces and yes, we are eating on the ground.  That is how we roll around here. Did you notice that we have no cheese on our pizza?  If you have watched the documentary  Forks Over Knives, you get it.  If you haven’t, it’s really good, informative and will scare the &%$ out of you….or at least the cheese off your pizza!

Love, Jennifer