An A+ for effort…or maybe a C for crazy!

There is definitely not a dull moment around these parts.  We are staying super busy and having lots of fun along the way.

I am a bit tired and I don’t want to bore you with too many details so I am going to keep it short 🙂 The kids are great and Scott and I are doing our best to juggle activities, work and a bit of play time (running and biking).  
Enjoy the pics…
I love this face….contemplating the monkey bars.

I couldn’t help but post this picture.  So much attitude.  Is that pink hair you might ask??  Why yes, it is.

Mason.  Always looking cute.

Sam with a friend at the park. 
Happy Mond……zzzzzzzzz.
Good night.

Pin It To Win It

Wild Olive Tees is giving away free t-shirts.
All you need to do is pin.
I know you all love Pinterest, right?!?!??
Well, I won’t go into detail but I do spend  a tiny bit of time over there pinning all sorts of fun things…..including these awesome shirts.

Head over to Wild Olive Tees to win one of your favorite designs!  
I love, love, love these tees!
You can find all the details here.
Good Luck and Happy Pinning 🙂

Fall is Upon Us

Kids are back to school…

Rainy afternoons have passed…

Nights are cooler…

Bikes are going out and parkas are coming in….

Leaves are changing…

Fall is upon us.

Fall is not usually my favorite season, mainly because I know what is coming after this lovely but oh so short season.  Winter.  It is cold, super snowy and long, really long.  And cold. But… I have to admit that I am totally digging this time of year up here. The weather has been perfect and the views are fantastic. I might even say it is my second favorite season (right behind spring for obvious reasons)….maybe.  Ask me again in the spring:)

We went on another beautiful hike this weekend.  We have had a ton of company lately and we are loving it!

The kids are pretty cute too 🙂  

Happy Monday!