More of my daily photos.  Sorry I didn’t post the pics from the week before last.  Too busy.  Anyway, here are the last few days….

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Camping in Moab

Scott took the kids camping in Moab, Utah for a couple of days. They bikes and hiked and enjoyed the slightly warmer weather. I decided to stay home and get a few quiet days. Yah me! It was super nice but I was kinda jealous of all their shenanigans! Sounds like they had a blast!

Snowshoe Racing

Well, we are officially on break.  Our district takes two “spring” breaks, one in February and one in April.  We have been enjoying the Olympics and hanging out in our jammies:)  Of course, it wouldn’t be a school break with out sleeping in getting up early on a Saturday for a snowshoe race.  As a reminder…no one in my family likes to snowshoe.  They actually call it SLOWshoeing.  Sam was asked by the alpine ski coach to enter into  the Colorado State Snowshoe race along with 3 other boys from school.  He was hoping to create a dream team to win.  Unfortunately, it landed over break and it was snowing sideways, so two of the four didn’t show.  Sam ran well and came in 9th overall and his friend won the 5k race to become the Colorado State Snowshoe champion.  It was his first time on snowshoes!  HA!  It was a fun morning watching the boys run and we didn’t even mind getting up early to get them there!

Sam is in the bright green hat and blue coat….



The Youngest Middle {Paige}

It’s funny how every time I get a prompt, I try to figure out how I can fit one of the kids into it.  Today my photography prompt was pink.



We had a hard time deciding on THE picture to submit but luckily you (yes, you! Grandmas and Grandpas) get to see more 🙂

What we did do was laugh and have loads of fun.  That’s really the easy part.  Choosing was the hard part because my girl is gorgeous.