Happy Day

HEY! Who left the door open?

Today was a fun day. As always, we started out our day at the pool with swim team practice. After practice, we ran a couple errands; toy store, library, home. Once we had completed our errands, we headed back to the pool for a dip. I had thought we might stay for an hour or two but we ended up staying all day, not arriving home until 4:00 pm. Sam and Alice spent most of their time jumping off the diving board or riding the slide. Paige and Mason spent the majority of their time grazing on snacks and splashing around in the little pool.
After dinner, Scott took the three older kiddos to the skate park. The pictures he took were hilarious.
Enjoy the pics, there is something for everyone! Have a great short week! Looking forward to the 4th of July!


Mason and Kyra hangin’ around, having fun, swinging. Kyra’s parents were our travel companions and adopted Kyra on the same trip. They were such an awesome support, along with the other couple in our group. We were so blessed to be able to lean and rely on each other at such an exciting and stressful time. Today was Kyra’s welcome home party so we traveled up to Westminster, just west of Denver, for her party.
This morning, I logged some more miles up on Barr Trail. I ran up the trail for an hour and then came down. It was a gorgeous morning and a great way to start the day! After my run, we headed off to church. All around a fantastic day!

Alice Turns 6!

Our sweet Ladybug, Alice, turned 6 on Monday. She had a few days of celebrations~that is how the Wescotts roll. Birthdays tend to stretch out to near a week of fun!

Saturday, while camping, we celebrated with cupcakes. Sunday, she opened presents from Scott and I and her Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Marilyn and had ice-cream. Monday we played outside with chalk and the kids ran in the sprinkler. We celebrated after dinner with cake and ice-cream. She opened the rest of her presents Monday night, presents from Grandma Peggy and Papa Gary and cousins. Tuesday, she received a present from her best friend Abby.
She started tennis lessons this week and has started jumping off the diving board at the pool. She has become very independent. Our shy girl has definitely come out of her shell.

Happy Birthday Alice! We love you!

Love, Daddy, Mommy, Samuel, Paige and Mason


It has been a busy week for us. Monday, Scott left for Roswell, NM for 3 days so I was on full time kid duty. Mason went to Greeley on Tuesday for a check up on his shoes and brace. Wednesday, Sam had a swim meet and then he and Alice had their annual well-check. Sam did really well at his meet. He swam the 25 freestyle, 25 breaststroke and relayed a 200 medley. I was so proud of his relay because he swam with 9-10 year olds and had to swim a 50 free. He had never swam that far without stopping and he did awesome. Tears were streaming down my face, so proud. His next meet will be next Wednesday.

Sam and two of his team mates (and class mates).

Love to all,


Camping at Chalk Lake

Chalk Lake

Sunday we arrived home from our fist camping trip of the summer. We camped at Chalk Lake with friends, Kristin and Doug, and their three children. We really love to camp even when it rains 🙂 I left for camping on Friday at noon and Scott met us at the campground around 8:30. Our site was right on the banks of Chalk Creek, which runs through a valley at the base of Mt. Princeton (14,197 ft.).

The creek next to our campsite. We have had so much snow that the creek is well over its banks.

On Friday, we hiked around Chalk Lake and watched the kids play in the creek. They had so much fun making dams, skipping rocks, getting really wet and exploring in and around the creek.

Of course, we always end the day with smores. Yum!

Mason’s first breakfast outdoors. He really seems to thrive when we are doing something outside, be it hikng, biking, camping, etc.

On Saturday, we woke to grey skies. In the morning we went on a beautiful hike to Agnes Valle Falls. Agnes Valle (late 1800’s) was an explorer who loved hiking in the mountains of Colorado. While hiking Mt. Princeton in the winter, she fell and died. They named the falls after her. Hmmm. Anyway, I digress. The hike was nice and there were plenty of rocks for the kids to jump on and sticks for whacking…er, walking. After the hike, Scott took the kids fishing at the lake. Pretty quickly after they left, it started to rain. As I was pulling camping gear under the canopy, Scott was trying to keep kids dry and happy. They didn’t catch any fish but they did give it a good try and only got slightly soaked. After gobbling down lunch under a drippy canopy, we decided to pile into two cars and go to St. Elmo, a nearby ghost town. After a couple hours of steady rain, we decided to pack up camp and head for home. Just as we were pulling out the stakes on the tent, the sun made an appearance and we changed our mind. So, we pulled everything out of the car and started dinner. We filled up on Frito pie and Jiffy Pop and were very happy to see the sun.

Sunday morning we woke to warm air and blue skies. We celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast burritos. The kids gave Scott their present, a t-shirt with a tie painted on the front. They were very proud of their work. After packing up, we headed down the canyon to the hot springs. The Mt. Princeton hot springs have four different natural pools and one really fun slide. All six of us enjoyed that slide. Mason cracked up the whole way down. He loved the water and was pretty upset when he had to put his shoes and brace back on.

Check out that fancy tie. I asked Scott if he wanted us to make him a t-shirt for every holiday. There was no reply, just a look. I guess I will scratch that idea.

Like I said, we arrived home and man was I tired. Mason and I were up, on and off, the entire Saturday night. I didn’t realize it until we got home, but he was cutting a molar. After camping and swimming, we were all exhausted.
Have a great week!


Spiky Ball Intervention

Paige has a serious fear. She isn’t afraid of much except spiky balls. No, this isn’t going to be an x-rated post and they are not some medieval torture devise, although the way she screams when she sees one would make you think it might be.

She is afraid of these……

and these really terrify her, extra spiky…..

Okay, so today I rounded up the kids and we headed off to the library to read and check out some books we had on hold. I went in first figuring all my ducklings were trailing behind me but when I looked back, Paige was standing off to the side of the front door, facing the wall, eyes tightly shut and her arms crossed. When I asked her what was wrong, all she could squeak out was “Spiky Ball”. Sure enough, on the counter in the Children’s Library were 5 colorful spiky balls lined up, prizes for those kids who could complete the summer reading program. I tried to get her to walk past, ignore them, anything so that we could spend more than a nanosecond in the library. Everything I suggested just made her scream louder…and we are talking blood curdling here. I was looking for an afternoon event to fill up the time and this was not going to be it. Sam swiftly retrieved our books on hold and we were out of the library in 5 minutes.

@#$% spiky balls. Of course, I would never say anything like that in front of my kids.

I got this brilliant plan to have a spiky ball intervention. Maybe if she could see one and touch one in the comfort of her home, she would overcome her fear. So, I bought one. A pink one with a piggy face, kinda cute. She LOVES anything pink. That is what I am thinking anyway. After Mason, Alice and Sam were tucked into bed, we sat down with Paige and tried to introduce her to our newest toy. Of course, she was already privy to the intervention and we were not going to trick her into touching or even coming close to that ball. After a few minutes (and I won’t lie, a few bribes) we gave up, put away the spiky ball and well, gave up.

I guess we won’t be going back to the library this summer.

@#$% spiky balls.

Running, VBS, Pool Time~ What We Have Been Up To…

Friday night I went to Silverthorne with two of my friends for a real mom’s night out. We ran in the 10K race at Run the Rockies on Saturday morning. The race followed the bike path from Copper Mountain to Frisco. The weather and scenery could not have been better! Thanks Kristin and Kim for a really nice couple days away. We even got to eat two meals without cutting food into tiny pieces…and no one spilled their milk. So relaxing…Just like dining along a Paris sidewalk 🙂
Scott ran this morning with his friend Bill. He left the house at 5ish (that would be a.m. folks) and didn’t arrive back until noon. They ran around the Air Force Academy and Rampart Range, 25 miles in all. Well, they are training for a century run after all!
Samuel, Alice and Paige attended vacation bible school this past week. They always enjoy their time at VBS and we wouldn’t miss it. This year the theme was Camp E.D.G.E. At the end of the week they performed some songs that they had learned and we enjoyed an awesome picnic afterwards. Today at church, they sang some the their songs for the congregation. Sam really wanted to wear the blazer and tie that his cousin Jacob sent him. He insisted on keeping the tie on the outside of his jacket because it looked so cool.

Pool Time~
We are still hanging out at the pool every morning, what with swim team practice and lessons. Sam had his first official swim meet on Saturday. Super Dad, Scott, took all the kids while I was enjoying my mommy time in Summit County. He swam well and truly there is nothing cuter than Sam in a skin tight suit, swim cap and camo goggles.

Today, we headed to the pool as soon as we saw a break in the clouds. Scott got to swim in the big pool with the three older kiddos while I hung out with Mason in the little pool. That’s right, Mason finally got his day in the pool. He started out sitting in the shallowest part and graduated to walking along the edge checking out bug and places where the water had been splashed from the pool. It was wonderful to see him WALKING in the water and bearing his own weight. So far, he has not liked getting up on his little feet because he isn’t used the sensation and his muscles are not formed fully for walking. I think that the water gave him just enough buoyancy that it didn’t bother him as much as out of the water. He was even a trooper when the brace had to go back on.

Are you tired yet of scrolling through endless shots of my darling cherubs at the pool? Only two and a half more months to go of my babies in bathing wear.

Life here is always on the crazy side but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to a warmer week and playing at the pool. We might even meander down to the library. Here are some fun shots of the kids (and big kids) playing in the yard after dinner.

I hope you all have a fun, safe week!


Below is a note written by Scott. He is currently training to run the Leadville 100. He has decided to make his trek through the mountains a charity run. If you want to check out Scott’s running updates and fundraising info go over and check it all out here. We are really proud of him for not only running this amazing amount of miles but making it into something really special and meaningful for so many deserving kids.

A really long way. . . . . . .
A charity run benefiting the LOOK project. My entire life, I have been searching out ways to challenge myself. Whether on a bike, in a pair of running shoes, or a work related project, I have always tried to go one step beyond my comfort zone. This year, I am taking that to a whole new level. Starting August 21, 2009, at 4:00 am, I will start off on the most ambitious physical challenge of my life. I will be embarking on a journey known as the Leadville 100. To those of you unfamiliar with the race, it is a continuous, 100 mile trail run through the mountains outside of Leadville, Colorado. If the distance alone is not scary enough for you, the low point of the course is at 9,200’ above sea level. If everything goes according to plan (what could go wrong??) I will be crossing the finish line in something less than 30 hours, prior to 10:00 am Sunday morning. As I have stepped up my training to ready my body for this challenge, a few things have occurred to me: 1) I am an exceptionally lucky individual to even be in a position to attempt this 2) There are countless people that are not so lucky 3) I need to channel this event into something more than just a run. In February of this year, my wife Jennifer and I traveled to China to meet our fourth child, Mason. This being our first foray into adoption, we did not completely know what to expect. What an absolutely amazing experience. Now that Mason is home and seamlessly transitioning into our family, we still often think of the many, many children still living at the XinXiang Social Welfare Institute in Henan Province, China, where Mason spent the first year and a half of his life. The XinXiang SWI is one of the neediest in all of China, as the Henan province is one of the most populous and poorest provinces in China. When I was researching potential charities to support, I immediately looked to our awesome adoption agency, Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) and their charitable branch, Chinese Children’s Charities (CCC). Specifically, I wanted to do something for both the older and special needs children in the SWI’s, as they are the least likely to make their way out through adoption. This is when I found the LOOK project, Love for Older Orphanage Kids. This project was started by parents of adoptive Chinese children who felt the need to do something for the children who were left behind in the SWI’s. They are specifically focusing on the Henan province for 2009 as the needs there are so urgent. There is lots of specific information on their web site, but I can tell you this is not about buying all the kids a new Wii. They are looking for things like underwear and towels, not exactly luxury items. Please take a moment to look at these web sites. If you are not in a position to donate, that is understandable. But if you are, please consider giving a gift to this exceptional group. Please reference “A Really Long Way” on your check or on the project section of the on-line form. All funds will be held until after the race, at which time I will work with LOOK and CCC both in the US and China to ensure the items we purchase are used for maximum effect. I will be made aware of who donated, but not how much. I don’t care. Just do what you can. It is appreciated.
CCAI – Attention: Charity Department
6920 S. Holly CircleCentennial, CO 80112
CCC and CCAI are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and your donations are tax deductible.
** If for any reason I do not finish, we are keeping your money!! The kids need it more than you!! **

Cast free

Here is our sweet boy, cast free. He is now the owner of these super cool shoes. I am sure it won’t take him long to get used to them but they are bit more restrictive. Aren’t his little feet so sweet?

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

A huge thanks to Lana and Victoria for transporting my kids to and from swimming, to and from VBS and keeping them for me. I am not sure what I would do without you both. Thanks for being so suppportive!

Love to all,