Below is a note written by Scott. He is currently training to run the Leadville 100. He has decided to make his trek through the mountains a charity run. If you want to check out Scott’s running updates and fundraising info go over and check it all out here. We are really proud of him for not only running this amazing amount of miles but making it into something really special and meaningful for so many deserving kids.

A really long way. . . . . . .
A charity run benefiting the LOOK project. My entire life, I have been searching out ways to challenge myself. Whether on a bike, in a pair of running shoes, or a work related project, I have always tried to go one step beyond my comfort zone. This year, I am taking that to a whole new level. Starting August 21, 2009, at 4:00 am, I will start off on the most ambitious physical challenge of my life. I will be embarking on a journey known as the Leadville 100. To those of you unfamiliar with the race, it is a continuous, 100 mile trail run through the mountains outside of Leadville, Colorado. If the distance alone is not scary enough for you, the low point of the course is at 9,200’ above sea level. If everything goes according to plan (what could go wrong??) I will be crossing the finish line in something less than 30 hours, prior to 10:00 am Sunday morning. As I have stepped up my training to ready my body for this challenge, a few things have occurred to me: 1) I am an exceptionally lucky individual to even be in a position to attempt this 2) There are countless people that are not so lucky 3) I need to channel this event into something more than just a run. In February of this year, my wife Jennifer and I traveled to China to meet our fourth child, Mason. This being our first foray into adoption, we did not completely know what to expect. What an absolutely amazing experience. Now that Mason is home and seamlessly transitioning into our family, we still often think of the many, many children still living at the XinXiang Social Welfare Institute in Henan Province, China, where Mason spent the first year and a half of his life. The XinXiang SWI is one of the neediest in all of China, as the Henan province is one of the most populous and poorest provinces in China. When I was researching potential charities to support, I immediately looked to our awesome adoption agency, Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) and their charitable branch, Chinese Children’s Charities (CCC). Specifically, I wanted to do something for both the older and special needs children in the SWI’s, as they are the least likely to make their way out through adoption. This is when I found the LOOK project, Love for Older Orphanage Kids. This project was started by parents of adoptive Chinese children who felt the need to do something for the children who were left behind in the SWI’s. They are specifically focusing on the Henan province for 2009 as the needs there are so urgent. There is lots of specific information on their web site, but I can tell you this is not about buying all the kids a new Wii. They are looking for things like underwear and towels, not exactly luxury items. Please take a moment to look at these web sites. If you are not in a position to donate, that is understandable. But if you are, please consider giving a gift to this exceptional group. Please reference “A Really Long Way” on your check or on the project section of the on-line form. All funds will be held until after the race, at which time I will work with LOOK and CCC both in the US and China to ensure the items we purchase are used for maximum effect. I will be made aware of who donated, but not how much. I don’t care. Just do what you can. It is appreciated.
CCAI – Attention: Charity Department
6920 S. Holly CircleCentennial, CO 80112
CCC and CCAI are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and your donations are tax deductible.
** If for any reason I do not finish, we are keeping your money!! The kids need it more than you!! **

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  1. What a great thing to do. I will get the particulars when we talk on Sun. I will be sending this to all my email addresses after we talk.



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