Just Another Day

Today I got to hang with my biggest kid.

He was home sick with a yucky cold but not quite sick enough to be in bed all day.  Unfortunately I had to get some work done at the store so he came along with me and helped the employees at the store with some demo that we are working on.

We went out for lunch and it was so awesome for me to enjoy some one on one time with him.  With four kids, it is crazy hard to get each of them alone for more than a nanosecond.

Anyway, now everyone is home (read: chaos) and we are up to our necks in backpacks, snacks and homework.

Even though we didn’t plan it, Sam and I had a great day just hanging out.


Sunday Hike {Spruce Creek Trail}

Don’t worry.  I know that it is not Sunday.  Just getting around to my photos.  Enjoy!

Our Sunday hike was especially awesome this week because we actually made it to our destination. Well….sort of.
We headed out with the hopes of making it first to Mayflower Lake, then up to Mohawk Lake.  We were also hoping to see Continental Falls.  We did see the falls but not up close 🙂
Well, after hiking 2.5 miles we arrived at Mayflower Lake.  It was so beautiful, right at the base of the bowl. We had fun exploring around the lake and hiking up into the bowl a bit.  Scott and I knew that it would take a while to hike back down so we decided that the falls and the upper lake would have to wait until next time.  Mason’s little legs get tired and we didn’t want to push it. We were super jazzed that we made it to the first lake.  We saw cool old mining cabins along the way and had fun jumping over streams and finding tree bridges.  The falls were gorgeous, even from afar and now we know that we have a new destination to look forward to 🙂  This bird below was stalking us, hoping that someone might drop a pretzel.  The kids named him Fluffy.  They, of course, knew exactly what type of bird Fluffy was but I don’t remember.

Today was my first day back to work after the summer break. I am going to be working a few hours every week in the Frisco store.  It was a good day and nobody called me mom all day long. It was a bit refreshing 🙂  I happily picked up my little cherubs from school and now we are back to homework and chores.  Happy Wednesday!  Off to make some dinner.  Black bean burritos are on the menu tonight!

Back to School

They keep doing this to me.
Getting bigger, older, smarter, cuter and definitely sassier.
They all went back to school this past week and left me at home alone.  Even Mason couldn’t be persuaded to stay at home another year. He trotted off to Kindergarten without so much as kiss or wave.  I guess that I should be excited that they all love school (or their friends) so much that they want to go back every fall.  Well, we ALL survived the first four days of school.
I have to admit that although I was really truly sad to see them off, I felt a tiny bit of freedom.  So, what would any good parents do with all this extra time?  We have kept busy, don’t worry 🙂  We have been mountain biking, running and enjoying a couple breakfasts out all by ourselves.  It does feel good and I am seeing a tiny bit of my old self emerging!  Soooo, since I haven’t blogged all week I have lots of pictures.  Aside from the first day of school pics, Sam got new glasses and looks very old and super cool.  We had a busy weekend with some coach training for me, our first weekend of soccer, a team BBQ, a super fun hike, sleepovers and father/son backpacking.  Whew.  And we lived to talk about it 🙂  Today the kids have the day off and only had to go to school for some testing.
Now we are just hanging out….breathing slowly before another busy week…….

Hiking pics tomorrow.  I took a lot and need to edit 🙂  
Hope you are having a great week!

Riding Bikes with Girls

Today we had a gorgeous day up here in the high country. The weather was perfect. Another day when we have to remind ourselves that we are not on permanent vacation.  It really does feel like that some days.  We met some friends (from Colorado Springs) at the peninsula for lunch and ended up hanging out all afternoon.
After our friends headed out, Scott and the girls headed up to the bike park.  They started out on the flow track and then made their way to the jump track.  I had a ton of fun watching them and snapping pictures.  Paige, who would not usually be so daring, was feeling very adventurous today and took about 10 runs down the jump track.  She seemed to get braver with each run and by the end was catching some big air.  I think my heart may have stopped a couple times, watching her take some of those jumps.   Alice also had a super fun time out on the tracks with Scott.  It is really fun to watch them gaining confidence on their bikes and taking risks.

As you can see, Scott had to show off some of his skills.  I think that he had just as much fun as the girls 🙂
Happy Saturday,

Quiet Week

Well, in preparation for the new school year and a bit of mourning for the passing of another summer break, we are laying low and enjoying our last week of freedom here at Casa Wescott.  Sam and Alice have been at science camp all week and my two littlest and I have been playing outside, reading a lot, painting, watching old woody woodpecker reruns and just hanging out.  We might even be enjoying some nap time (me, just me).
This is never my favorite week.  I h-word the start of a new school year.  It goes by too fast people.  Way too fast.  Sam is going into FIFTH GRADE.  How did that happen?!?!?  It seems like I just dragged walked him into Kindergarten.  And now…..Mason is going to school.  All four of my babies will be in school full time.  Sooo,  we are hanging out, pretending that we have not a care in the world.  We aren’t even thinking about alarm clocks and combed hair, clean underwear and signing planners, homework and after school activities.  Nope.  Just hanging out…..until Tuesday.  Another year, another adventure…..


Camping {Again}

This past weekend we got our camping groove on.  For real this time.  Saturday morning we worked the aid station for the Frisco Duathlon and then in the afternoon we packed up the Cruiser and headed up to Montezuma (about a 25 minute drive from home) for some real camping fun.  We set up camp about 1/4 mile off the main road across the snake river in wilderness area.  The Young family joined us later in the afternoon.  Remember when they camped in our backyard?  Well, they wanted a real camping experience so we tried our best to give it to them.  The kids got good and dirty and we all had a great time. We all enjoyed playing in the river, jumping from rock to rock and getting a bit wet.

Today, it is raining.  Like cats and dogs.  Sam and Alice are at science camp. Hope they are doing something fun inside 🙂

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Happy Monday.

Flying By

In the past few days my kids have been having a lot of fun.  We are making the most of the last few days of summer break. Two weeks from today all four of my babies will be in school full time.  Where o’ where has the time gone?!?!?
 Last Friday, Sam and Alice had their championship swim meet, Monday we spent the day with some new friends over in Copper at the fun park, Saturday the kids and I took a super duper long hike and yesterday we headed down the Springs for a much needed pool day and playtime with friends.  Wow!!!!  Flying pics (and some other cute ones) below:)

So many thanks to my friends who came out to the pool yesterday and just sat around chit chatting like old times.  It was exactly what I needed; a do nothing, beach chair, eat pizza out of the box, sunburned kinda day.


Tri for the Cure

A couple months ago I got a bug up my behind to do another triathlon and right about that time I got a message in my inbox from the Tri for the Cure.  It piqued my interest so I went to the website and learned that this particular tri is woman only.  I loved that and immediately went and signed up.  Then I had serious buyer’s remorse or whatever you want to call it.  I freaked out, okay. I really am not a good swimmer. So, I kept telling myself that I would get in the pool.  But…..big but coming up.  I had every good intention of getting in the pool and swimming BUT I didn’t.  That was the problem.  I never got in the pool.  About two weeks ago, I realized that I was not going to accomplish this tri by myself because I was going to drown before I made it to my bike.  I sent a desperate email to my friend Jenn and she was kind enough to fill in for my swim.  To make a long story short, I changed my solo mission into a two person relay.  We met up in Denver very early on Sunday morning.  She swam, I biked and ran.  Perfect 🙂  Thanks to Jenn for saving me at the last minute.  We ended up doing really well in our division!
Here are the pics from the day.  It was super fun and I think that a triathlon relay is definitely the way to go for this girlie.

Happy Monday!