Quiet Week

Well, in preparation for the new school year and a bit of mourning for the passing of another summer break, we are laying low and enjoying our last week of freedom here at Casa Wescott.  Sam and Alice have been at science camp all week and my two littlest and I have been playing outside, reading a lot, painting, watching old woody woodpecker reruns and just hanging out.  We might even be enjoying some nap time (me, just me).
This is never my favorite week.  I h-word the start of a new school year.  It goes by too fast people.  Way too fast.  Sam is going into FIFTH GRADE.  How did that happen?!?!?  It seems like I just dragged walked him into Kindergarten.  And now…..Mason is going to school.  All four of my babies will be in school full time.  Sooo,  we are hanging out, pretending that we have not a care in the world.  We aren’t even thinking about alarm clocks and combed hair, clean underwear and signing planners, homework and after school activities.  Nope.  Just hanging out…..until Tuesday.  Another year, another adventure…..


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