Memorial Day Weekend

What a great weekend!

First of all, it didn’t snow, so there is that.  The weather was perfect.  We spent a ton of time outside getting the yard cleaned up.  Scott and I got out for a couple trail runs and the kids played at the park.  Yesterday we had a nice night around the fire pit with our cul de sac crew.  It was a wonderful weekend with a bit of work and a whole lot of relaxing.

Another week and a half of school and then the kids and I are out for summer vacation!  Wahoo!!!!!

Livin’ for summer break, 



Lovin’ the Season

Spring. Glorious.

Summer.  Amazing.

Fall. Absolutely beautiful.

Winter.  A snowy wonderland.

We love every season up here on the mountain but this year, Spring has been a very pleasant surprise.  Trying to get out and enjoy these warm, beautiful days.

They are a gift. 


Mayflower Gulch.  


Mother’s Day {2018}

So blessed to call these kids mine.  I am definitely not a perfect mom but I try to do my best by them every day.  Some days are easier than others 🙂 Today was an awesome day!

Thank you to these precious children and Scott for making this day extra special.


Hiking along Ten Mile Creek to our favorite spot next to the beaver ponds. A special place for all the kids, big and small.

Happy Day,


Another week in May.

Another busy week. This past week we had (Tuesday) Annie auditions, (Wednesday) middle school band concert, and (Thursday) track meet for Sam and high school band concert.

The girls did not get a callback from their auditions but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean they weren’t cast. Now crossing our fingers…

Paige has been really busy with band stuff. The week before last, she spent two days practicing with the honors band. This week a concert.

Sam had a great meet on Thursday. He ran the 4×800 relay and his group came in second. He also ran the mile and finished top 10, earning a varsity letter and a nice PR. Scott picked him up early and got him home just in time for his band concert. This was Sam’s last concert because he is not continuing with band next year. We are sad but ultimately we let him make the decision. At least he learned to play two instruments and read music.

Sam and his girlfriend hanging out at the track meet.

Alice also played in the high school concert. She loves playing her flute. In the concert she had a small solo on the recorder;)

Mason had a low key week. The only thing he had this week was a field trip to the Denver aquarium with his kindergarten buddy.

Happy Saturday night!



My two girls decided to audition this week for Annie.  Annie is through the Breckenridge Backstage Theater and is a full blown stage production.  Adults, and children alike, audition and are cast for the show.  So, today we went out and took some updated headshots.  Here’s what we got…

Paige headshot may 18 2_edited-1Alice Wescott headshot may 18_edited-1paige headshot may 18alice headshot may 18 2_edited-1


They both are prepared to not be chosen but the audition process is a great learning experience no matter what.  They are currently upstairs singing…

Much love,



And the calm…

We had a pretty quiet week. It was just what we needed.

This morning, we got to see what Mason has accomplished in jump rope club at school. It’s pretty amazing what he can do! They have been practicing every Friday morning before school.

We also had a middle school concert tonight. Paige was asked to help out with honors band. They were short percussionists so she was invited to play, with only two days notice to learn music. We are very proud of her!

Sam is in Grand Junction today and tomorrow for a high school track meet. He did PR his two mile run but wasn’t happy with the overall results. One more track meet this season.

Last night we attended Sam’s speech and debate team banquet. It was a fun night and Sam was awarded his varsity letter. He loves this team but may not be able to fit it in next year with skimo practices and races. He is learning to balance school and activities. It’s difficult sometimes;)

This girl (Alice) jumped right into preparing for Annie auditions. Here she is taking a moment before her voice lesson, not wanting her picture taken. 😜

Like I said, a calmer week! Ha!

Happy Friday night!


Busy Weekend

Wow!  We made it!  It was a really crazy weekend following a super busy week.  Alice, Paige and Mason have been practicing for Mary Poppins, Jr. since December and it was finally play weekend.  Both sets of grandparents came up for the weekend to support our budding thespians.  They even went to two performances just to make sure they saw all the kids perform!  Whew!

It was a fun weekend but boy are we tired now!  All three of the kids did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be prouder of them!

Alice…Winifred Banks and Bird Woman

Paige…roof dweller, kite flyer and townsperson

Mason…Michael Banks


The cast warming up.  These kids are amazing.  Over a hundred local kids audition and 53 were chosen.



Alice in her role as Winifred Banks.  Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Backstage Theater.


Playing cards backstage.  Mason played Michael Banks and he is in the hat.


This production was double cast so Alice played Winifred Banks in the first two performances and Bird Woman in the second two shows.  She was fantastic as both characters.



On top of the play, we also celebrated Paige’s confirmation this weekend. She has been working for about 6 weeks with some other youth to get ready.  Along with play practice, Paige has made this a priority this spring.


A very blustery Sunday morning….


Paige with her youth leader, Tyson and his wife, Andrea.  These two people are like family to us!  They love our kids and are wonderful examples of love and light.  We are beyond blessed to have them in all our lives.

It’s been nice tonight to relax a bit and enjoy some down time.  I think it might be my bedtime very soon!  Hoping to post more play pics soon.

Happy Monday,