Another week in May.

Another busy week. This past week we had (Tuesday) Annie auditions, (Wednesday) middle school band concert, and (Thursday) track meet for Sam and high school band concert.

The girls did not get a callback from their auditions but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean they weren’t cast. Now crossing our fingers…

Paige has been really busy with band stuff. The week before last, she spent two days practicing with the honors band. This week a concert.

Sam had a great meet on Thursday. He ran the 4×800 relay and his group came in second. He also ran the mile and finished top 10, earning a varsity letter and a nice PR. Scott picked him up early and got him home just in time for his band concert. This was Sam’s last concert because he is not continuing with band next year. We are sad but ultimately we let him make the decision. At least he learned to play two instruments and read music.

Sam and his girlfriend hanging out at the track meet.

Alice also played in the high school concert. She loves playing her flute. In the concert she had a small solo on the recorder;)

Mason had a low key week. The only thing he had this week was a field trip to the Denver aquarium with his kindergarten buddy.

Happy Saturday night!


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