There are some things that always stay the same.
Pumpkin carving is a favorite tradition in our family.
Friday night we went out on a hunt. Normally we wouldn’t wait quite this long to find the perfect pumpkins, but with packing and moving,  the hunt for pumpkins got moved down on the priority list.  We ended up at our local grocery store and lucky for us, they had four left. One was a bit soft so we heaved three big ole’ pumpkins and 5 bags of candy into our cart and headed for the checkout. 
Last night, after our visit from Grandma and Grandpa, we designed and carved pumpkins.  Sam and Mason shared a pumpkin and designed a very sinister face with horns and a vampire mouth.  Alice went with the star eyes (oh so fun for mom to cut out) and a huge smile. Kinda like an Alice self portrait.  Paige’s pumpkin took the cake.  She had glasses and freckles.  Scott got very creative with a bike tool from the garage and made a lot of freckles on that pumpkin.  Carving pumpkins is always a ton of fun and we wouldn’t miss it for the world, even during a move.  Who knew that packing paper would work great to save the table from pumpkin guts.  
After the official pumpkin picture, we devoured the roasted seeds and headed for bed.  Well, five of us headed for bed and one of us went for a run.  I won’t mention who went for a run.  
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for driving up to Frisco for a fun but way to short visit!  More on that later.  

I can’t fight this feeling….

Okay.  Cheesy,  I know. But it kinda sums up what I am feeling right now about living in this small mountain town.  Yep, my feeling might change once the tourist season is upon us, which could happen any minute. And it has only been a week. Trust me when I say,  I know small town.  We have lived in many different types of areas, big and small.  I can truly say that we are all enjoying this slower more casual pace of life. Okay, I know it has been a week.
Scott and I ran errands this morning and everywhere we went we were warmly welcomed.  Sometimes it is a bit creepy that people we have never met, know who we are. Sometimes anonymity is nice but for now we are enjoying the welcome people here have given us.  We dropped the kids off at school, made a quick stop at the post office, dropped off some paperwork at the city office, bought dog food at our local pet feed store and stopped at our Frisco store.  It was so awesome to get so much done together and so easily.  We didn’t hit any traffic or cranky people, no road rage or construction.  Life in this small town is informal and easy going and that is how we like it.  I think that is will take me some time to get over being in a hurry all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that we are in the honeymoon stage here and soon enough all this nicey nice might get old but for now I am riding this feeling.  Deep inside of me.  Okay, I am done.

Once more of the boxes are emptied I will post some more pics of the new abode.  I hope it gets done this year.  Moving is fun except for all the packing and unpacking. That part~not fun at all.  Tonight we are going to get our pumpkins.  Life is a little bit the same where ever we live and that is good too.

Settling into Life

Well, the moving van has come and we are officially moved out….or in.  I guess it depends on your perspective.  Now I am just trying to dig my way out from under all the packing paper and boxes.  We really like the new house.  It is smaller in living space but with the same amount of bedrooms.  We can walk or bike to town, the store and school on nice days.  It takes me 3 minutes to drive to school in the mornings.  That rocks!!!!!  When we arrived last Friday morning, the weather was beautiful and we have had some gorgeous days.  Today, winter arrived.  Big time.  The kids started in their new school this week.  Sam and Alice had great first days.  They both met some nice kids. Paige started today and was a bit nervous. I can’t wait to find out about her day!
Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Sam.  He turns 10 today.  I am not sure where the time has gone but he has grown up to be a super smart, sweet, responsible boy that I am so proud to call my son.  We love you Mr. Man!!!!! I am hoping to get some good snow shots with him after school.  Check back for those.  For now, check out the pics from our first week in the mountains.

 The awesome view out of the girls room window.
The biking/walking path behind our house.  You can get just about anywhere on a bike path in Summit County.

Being silly on our hike.

The view behind our house this morning. Wow!

The snow on our deck an hour after Scott shoveled it all off.  

That awesome view out of the girls room after the snow.
I think I will go and find my boots…..and a boot tray, boot warmers, boots, boots, boots……

Movin’ On Up

To the top.

The Wescott clan is moving. Again.

We are moving up to the mountains.  Remember all those previous more on that later  and simplifying the house comments. Well, it is most definitely later and when I said simplify, I meant packing.
Scott and I are moving our little family to Frisco, CO.  Frisco is a two hour drive into the mountains and sits in the valley next to Dillon Reservoir and between Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain ski resorts. We have purchased a business in Summit County and are moving our life in a new direction, to like 10,000 feet.  We are really excited to start embracing the mountain town lifestyle.  Please say a little prayer for the kids as they transition into a new school and life. We have been so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place with wonderful friends and family.  We will miss it all dearly.  This new life holds great possibilities and adventures for our family and we are super excited to go but already missing our life here.

Bring on the moving trucks!!!
I will try and keep my blog updated but please be patient with me 🙂

Little Bit of Everything

When we woke up this morning it was snowing.  SNOWING!!!!! A couple days ago it was 80 degrees.  The hammock is still on the deck for pete’s sake.  Actually, right now, it is quite pretty, big flakes blowing around.  Gotta love the fall in Colorado.  Alice had a volleyball game this morning at very early o’clock and Paige has a very chilly soccer game following the volleyball game.  Soccer and snowing does not sound like a good combination to me but I cannot say too much since I am not the chauffeur today. Not this morning anyway.
Last night we attended the annual school Sock Hop.  Fun was had by all.  Okay, who am I kidding, I stood back and watched the kids dance and have fun.  They all ate way too much junk and we left with a couple of sore tummies.  Alice was suppose to have a sleepover after the Sock Hop but only lasted an hour before her tummy ache set in.
The kids had their last cross country meet this week.  They had a great season and ran awesome. As Alice was coming into the finish line she was neck and neck with one of her team mates.  I most definitely was not screaming at her that she could pass that girl in her sleep.  Nope that was not me 🙂  Last weekend I took them to a local kid race and they tore it up!  Sam finished 6th in his race (9-11 year old boys and girls).
Alice’s scout friends held a little party for her yesterday.  More on that later…. They had fun playing games, eating not-so-healthy snacks and twirling their poodle skirts (see Sock Hop).
Scott spent the day in Summit County yesterday.  More on that later….I bet it is really snowing up there. Like the skiing/snowshoeing/puffy coat wearing kind of snowing.  Oh boy.
Thanks to everyone who noticed that Paige got a cute new hair cut.  She wanted her hair cut in a way that would allow everyone to see her earrings.  I call it her Julie Andrews hair.  Really she would look cute with a buzz cut.  She also has four very loose teeth.  Pretty soon we will be pureeing her food.
So here are some pics from this past week.  A bit random but so is my life!  There are no pictures of Mason this time.  He and the time-out chair have become really good friends.  Let’s just say, he is working on Momma’s patience level.

Happy Saturday!

A Walk and A Dog

This afternoon while dinner was cooking in the oven, part of the Wescott clan went out for a walk. The weather has been so gorgeous and warm that I just had to get out of the house for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood.  The leaves are beginning to turn and signs of fall are all around us.

These two monkeys are so silly. They don’t always play nicely but have had a great couple of days.  Yesterday they were in cahoots to destroy any dignity the dog had left.

Poor Jesse.  How humiliating….
She is such a gentle, easy going dog.  I can’t believe even she put up with this torture.

Happy Monday.
Love, Jennifer