I can’t fight this feeling….

Okay.  Cheesy,  I know. But it kinda sums up what I am feeling right now about living in this small mountain town.  Yep, my feeling might change once the tourist season is upon us, which could happen any minute. And it has only been a week. Trust me when I say,  I know small town.  We have lived in many different types of areas, big and small.  I can truly say that we are all enjoying this slower more casual pace of life. Okay, I know it has been a week.
Scott and I ran errands this morning and everywhere we went we were warmly welcomed.  Sometimes it is a bit creepy that people we have never met, know who we are. Sometimes anonymity is nice but for now we are enjoying the welcome people here have given us.  We dropped the kids off at school, made a quick stop at the post office, dropped off some paperwork at the city office, bought dog food at our local pet feed store and stopped at our Frisco store.  It was so awesome to get so much done together and so easily.  We didn’t hit any traffic or cranky people, no road rage or construction.  Life in this small town is informal and easy going and that is how we like it.  I think that is will take me some time to get over being in a hurry all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that we are in the honeymoon stage here and soon enough all this nicey nice might get old but for now I am riding this feeling.  Deep inside of me.  Okay, I am done.

Once more of the boxes are emptied I will post some more pics of the new abode.  I hope it gets done this year.  Moving is fun except for all the packing and unpacking. That part~not fun at all.  Tonight we are going to get our pumpkins.  Life is a little bit the same where ever we live and that is good too.

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