We are having our office/music/sewing room painted this week.
Our handyman is so awesome and let Mason have a go at painting.
On the wall.
He actually let Mason paint for about a half an hour.
I  had a minor heart attack.
Mason did really well and only painted over one outlet and a small strip of trim.
I  had a minor heart attack.
Thanks, Mr. Mike. 
Mason is still talking about painting, when he gets big. 

Sewing Up a Storm

Now that all are healthy, life is getting back to normal.  The kids went back to school yesterday after an extended spring break.  Thank you strep throat.  I am starting to get in a good routine with sewing.  I am trying to sew almost everyday.  I really like to start and finish projects in one day but with four kids that can be tough.  Sooo, I am working on that. Putting something down and then coming back to it the next day.  I am loving my new serger.  It sure makes my seams look pretty.  I know, it seems silly to worry about what the inside looks like but when I am sewing for someone other than my own kids, I like the inside to look as pretty as the outside.  The nice thing about sewing so much is that I am messing up a lot.  When I mess up, I get to learn how to do it the right way.  Funny how that works!  Anyway, I am having fun creating and searching out new patterns and projects. 
My model is pretty adorable too! 
Happy sewing!

Family Time

Yeah, yeah.  We know 🙂  We moved so far away from our family and we wish that they could all move closer to us!  When they do, we love it!  Scott’s cousin John and his family live in south Denver and we love it when we get to spend some quality time with them.  They came down this weekend and we got to spend some awesome time together.  I even got some baby snuggle time, which Scott monitors very carefully!  I just may get an itch for another baby 🙂  We got up Saturday and made the trek down to the zoo.  It was a perfect zoo day!

The other Jen Wescott.  I maintain that I am the still the original but we will keep her because she rocks! 

It is hard to beat a gorgeous Colorado day at the zoo!
Scott and Sam are snowboarding today and should be home soon!  I bet it was an awesome day on the slopes! I can’t wait to hear all about their day.  I am betting that they will have some sore heinies! 
Happy Sunday to you all! 

Rock Climbing

Indoor climbing, anyway.  Scott took Friday off and we took the kids to the indoor climbing gym.  They all had a great time practicing their climbing skills.  All three big kids made it to the top.  Paige was definitely the super climber of the day.  She took every route possible to the top and was asking for more.  She earned the title Spiderwoman.  Mason was a bit unsure of the wall and only went up a few feet.  He preferred to stay in the rock cave with his feet close to the ground.  A great way to spend a day together!

Saturday, You Rock!

There’s rarely a Saturday that disappoints.  I mean, really, what’s not to love?  Scott is home, I get to spend a whole day at home with my favorite kids and the weather is awesome!  Today, at least.

Scott and Paige are still feeling under the weather but we still got out for a bit today.  We started the day with a Cinderella Saturday cleaning blitz on the house.  This house really needed it.  At least now, if someone came to the door and had a quick look around, they wouldn’t make an emergency call to Extreme Hoarders. 

After our quick clean-up, Alice and I headed out to a Girl Scout event at our local soda shop.  They had a blast learning the science of soda.  The owner of the shop gave them a brief lesson in carbonation and mixology.  They got to measure out flavoring, sugar water, coloring and seltzer water to make their own yummy (and interesting) concoctions.  After their lesson, they ate lunch and had ice-cream.  A perfect way to earn a brownie badge, if you ask me. 

Scott played some games with the kids after lunch and then we headed south to a bike show.  We checked out some cool bikes and then took the kids to the park.  We had fun running around racing and playing tag. After the park we went down the road to a new BBQ place.  Good eats and lots of fun. Now we are hangin’ out in jammies and watching TV. 

Love days like these.  I hope you all had a nice Saturday.  Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. 

Friday Night

Well, I made it through the week. I very seldom ever wish a week away but Friday could not have gotten here any quicker. It is so hard for me to see my kids sick. They don’t get really sick very often and when they do, they make it count 🙂 Sam is still hanging in there. Alice went back to school on Thursday but came home very lethargic and slept the afternoon away. Paige came home early from school today with a low grade temp and very weepy. Scott is currently curled up under a blanket with a fever, sore throat and cough. Uh oh.

The kids are on spring break next week. Paige will be in swim lessons every day. She has progressed so far in her previous lessons and I think the week full of lessons will really help her out. We are hoping to fit in some field trips. Here’s to hoping that everyone is feeling better next week!

In all the craziness around here this week I totally forgot to post about Sam’s pinewood derby. Or maybe I did? Oh well…
Anyway, we all went and watched his car race. He did really great and finished second in his den. Here he is at the derby and his car prepped and ready to go down the track. 

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.  Alice has a Girl Scout event tomorrow and then a quiet couple of days after that…
I am off to spray more Lysol.  On everything.


Budding Artist

Back in February, Alice was chosen to have one of her art class pieces put on display in an art show here in town.  She was very excited and we were so proud of her.  A couple of weekends ago, we went over to the Imagination Celebration and checked out her art work.  Congrats Alice! 

I have a handful of sick kids here, three to be exact.  Mason started getting sick last week and Paige and Alice followed in step this weekend.  I took all three to the doctor yesterday (that could be its own not so hilarious post)  and boy are they sick!  Alice and Paige both have strep throat and Mason has a double ear infection.  I have been really surprised by the high fevers of Alice and Paige. If they aren’t doped up on Tylenol, their fevers seem to be spiking. Last night Alice hit 104.4 and Paige was at 103.5.  We are laying around today and hoping that everyone gets feeling better by the end of the day.  Being sick is no fun! 
On a better note, my parents arrived home from Japan last night. We are relieved to have them home safe and sound.  It sounds like they had a memorable trip to say the least! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

What Happens

This is what happens when your 7 year old hijacks your camera.  Love it.  When I downloaded my pictures I found some of these gems.  Enjoy.

 The world through Alice’s lens. 

I have tons and tons of catch up posts and I promise to get to those this week.  We have been extremely busy.  I am working on my Etsy shop and trying to keep up with the kids and their activities.  The kids sang today at church and did awesome.  I  managed to get some video of them.  Mason has been home sick for a few days and Paige and Alice are now down too. 

Out for a Walk

Yesterday, while Alice was at piano lessons, the kids and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather was gorgeous and we all had some energy that needed to be released 🙂  We sure did enjoy the warmer weather.  Today it is snowing.  Spring in Colorado.  We are all looking forward to the weekend.  Tomorrow we are going out for breakfast and checking out Alice’s artwork that was chosen to be in an art show here in town and then off to swim lessons. Sunday is Paige’s sixth birthday and she has lots planned. Ear piercing, nails done, ice-cream cake, family and friends……if she adds much more to the day, the party will have to spill over into Monday. She is excited!
Have a great weekend!