Saturday, You Rock!

There’s rarely a Saturday that disappoints.  I mean, really, what’s not to love?  Scott is home, I get to spend a whole day at home with my favorite kids and the weather is awesome!  Today, at least.

Scott and Paige are still feeling under the weather but we still got out for a bit today.  We started the day with a Cinderella Saturday cleaning blitz on the house.  This house really needed it.  At least now, if someone came to the door and had a quick look around, they wouldn’t make an emergency call to Extreme Hoarders. 

After our quick clean-up, Alice and I headed out to a Girl Scout event at our local soda shop.  They had a blast learning the science of soda.  The owner of the shop gave them a brief lesson in carbonation and mixology.  They got to measure out flavoring, sugar water, coloring and seltzer water to make their own yummy (and interesting) concoctions.  After their lesson, they ate lunch and had ice-cream.  A perfect way to earn a brownie badge, if you ask me. 

Scott played some games with the kids after lunch and then we headed south to a bike show.  We checked out some cool bikes and then took the kids to the park.  We had fun running around racing and playing tag. After the park we went down the road to a new BBQ place.  Good eats and lots of fun. Now we are hangin’ out in jammies and watching TV. 

Love days like these.  I hope you all had a nice Saturday.  Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. 

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