Friday Night

Well, I made it through the week. I very seldom ever wish a week away but Friday could not have gotten here any quicker. It is so hard for me to see my kids sick. They don’t get really sick very often and when they do, they make it count 🙂 Sam is still hanging in there. Alice went back to school on Thursday but came home very lethargic and slept the afternoon away. Paige came home early from school today with a low grade temp and very weepy. Scott is currently curled up under a blanket with a fever, sore throat and cough. Uh oh.

The kids are on spring break next week. Paige will be in swim lessons every day. She has progressed so far in her previous lessons and I think the week full of lessons will really help her out. We are hoping to fit in some field trips. Here’s to hoping that everyone is feeling better next week!

In all the craziness around here this week I totally forgot to post about Sam’s pinewood derby. Or maybe I did? Oh well…
Anyway, we all went and watched his car race. He did really great and finished second in his den. Here he is at the derby and his car prepped and ready to go down the track. 

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.  Alice has a Girl Scout event tomorrow and then a quiet couple of days after that…
I am off to spray more Lysol.  On everything.


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