Budding Artist

Back in February, Alice was chosen to have one of her art class pieces put on display in an art show here in town.  She was very excited and we were so proud of her.  A couple of weekends ago, we went over to the Imagination Celebration and checked out her art work.  Congrats Alice! 

I have a handful of sick kids here, three to be exact.  Mason started getting sick last week and Paige and Alice followed in step this weekend.  I took all three to the doctor yesterday (that could be its own not so hilarious post)  and boy are they sick!  Alice and Paige both have strep throat and Mason has a double ear infection.  I have been really surprised by the high fevers of Alice and Paige. If they aren’t doped up on Tylenol, their fevers seem to be spiking. Last night Alice hit 104.4 and Paige was at 103.5.  We are laying around today and hoping that everyone gets feeling better by the end of the day.  Being sick is no fun! 
On a better note, my parents arrived home from Japan last night. We are relieved to have them home safe and sound.  It sounds like they had a memorable trip to say the least! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

One thought on “Budding Artist

  1. Glad to hear the folks are safe and sound. Hope everyone get well soon. Is the art work for sale? I want it signed and dated so I can make a fortune when Alice becomes famous!!! Love.

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