Wizard of Oz

This weekend was play weekend. The last weekend in April, every year. This year it was Wizard of Oz. Alice, Paige and Mason performed again this year. It was a wonderful performance put on by the Breckenridge Backstage Theater and over 70 local youth actors. These kids have been working since January and their hard work paid off. After four shows, they are done!

Alice- Auntie Em and ensemble

Paige and Mason- crows, poppies, Ozians and Winkies

It was also prom weekend. Sam met his girlfriend at the dance and had a nice time.

We are all exhausted and ready for a quieter week! So many thanks to everybody who came out to see our kids perform, especially grandma Marilyn and grandpa Jerry for making the long drive.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend but we are looking at snow in the three day forecast, 8-20 inches possibly. Yikes!

Happy Sunday night,


Spring break fun…and it’s not over yet!

We were mentally on our way to the desert for spring break but changed the plans last minute. We decide that instead of joining everybody else from summit county we would go the other direction to Colorado Springs. We had a fun four days on the front range.

Saturday night, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Il Vicino. Wood fired pizzas…yum! Sam found it fun to wear my glasses over his…so crazy.

Sunday, we got up and went for a nice hike with friends in Ute Valley Park.

We had lunch in Old Colorado City and then went up to the zoo for the afternoon. The kids had so much fun! I was really hoping that they wouldn’t be bored but their reactions were priceless.

“Our rock” from many years ago when we donated to the zoo. When the kids were little we spent so much time here. Of course, they remember very little of it😜!

After the zoo, we had a wonderful dinner at the Young’s house. It was great catching up and hearing the kids have a blast together.

Monday, we took our mountain bikes back to Ute Valley and it was fantastic riding.

Oops, I forgot to mention that before that, Scott and Samuel got up early and did the incline.

This is the view Scott had of Sam, the entire way up. 😂

We enjoy a nice dinner at my brother’s house after our bike ride. Again, so fun catching up and listening to the kids laugh.

Tuesday, we went to Red Rocks Open Space. The boys decided to go out for another bike ride while the girls trail ran.

Whew, we were busy:) We dropped off tired kids and then Scott and I headed back to the west side for some wine and pie with our friends, Doug and Kristin. So bummed we didn’t get photographic evidence.

We came home yesterday and the snow had melted out even more! Mason went to see a movie with a friend while the rest of us relaxed and read new books. Rosie and Jesse were excited to see us and it feels good to be home for a few days before going back to school.

What shall we do tomorrow?

Happy spring break peeps,

Love, Jen