Wizard of Oz

This weekend was play weekend. The last weekend in April, every year. This year it was Wizard of Oz. Alice, Paige and Mason performed again this year. It was a wonderful performance put on by the Breckenridge Backstage Theater and over 70 local youth actors. These kids have been working since January and their hard work paid off. After four shows, they are done!

Alice- Auntie Em and ensemble

Paige and Mason- crows, poppies, Ozians and Winkies

It was also prom weekend. Sam met his girlfriend at the dance and had a nice time.

We are all exhausted and ready for a quieter week! So many thanks to everybody who came out to see our kids perform, especially grandma Marilyn and grandpa Jerry for making the long drive.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend but we are looking at snow in the three day forecast, 8-20 inches possibly. Yikes!

Happy Sunday night,


One thought on “Wizard of Oz

  1. Great pics of all. Sure would have liked to be there. They are all stars! Great pic Sam.

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