Wow.  Taking pictures of girls is so much different from boys.  I don’t mean that in a bad way but my time with Sam was a totally different experience than my 15 minute mini shoot with Paige.  Sam and I were literally out for an hour and I took about a zillion pictures.  There was no easy Hey, sit there and smile pictures.

But….there was definitely a lot of Hey Mom, take my picture hanging from this tree and Hey Mom, take my picture doing the macarena and Hey Mom, my feet are totally going numb in this water, check it out! and I promise, Sam, this is the LAST shot….

Whew.  I was tired when we were done.

So, here are some of the shots I did manage to get on our “mini shoot”.  We did have fun and laughed until our sides hurt and only once were there tears (when Sam attempted a back flip and landed kinda weird….). Boys.  I adore mine.







Paige’s Turn…Fall Pictures

This afternoon, Paige and I headed out to get some fall pictures.  It was a gorgeous day and the leaves have turned colors and are starting to fall.  It made for a perfect picture setting.  Paige is probably my hardest kid to photograph because she tends to force a smile and doesn’t always give me a natural look.  She had a great time out there today, especially when I had her throw leaves.  That brought out the smiles and giggles….Isn’t she darling?!?!

Happy fall.








This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  Not MY best shot but definitely Paige’s.  Pure joy.


Have a great weekend.


What’s Up

Well… usual, the Colorado Wescotts have been keeping it real and staying super busy.  Here is a quick run down of our fall.  BTW, if you were ever thinking about coming to visit, fall is the BEST time of the year here.  Gorgeous!  I have so many events from the past couple months to post about, now that the kids are back in school and our routine is a bit more predictable.

Sam~ Running solid on his xc team.  He finished fourth in his last race.  We were super excited and proud of him.  He is busy with tons of 7th grade homework and this year he loves his language arts class.  What can I say…a kid after my own heart!  He also joined the jazz band  and is still rockin’ the trombone.  Here he is below, getting out front early.




Alice~ Taking middle school by storm.  She is a pretty well-rounded kid and loves all her classes.  She is handling the freedoms and independence of middle school like a boss!  Alice is also running cross-country and doing really well.  Her favorite part of the last race….the waist deep water crossing and mud climb.  This one, she takes after her daddy:)  She has started playing the flute and still loves to sing.  Most the time, she can be found either reading Divergent or singing to one of her many Taylor Swift cds.



Paige~ Oh, my sweet, sweet, Paigie.  Still my baby girl.  Paige decided to take a break from dancing this year and focus on drumming.  Yep, you heard me.  She is looking forward to starting drum lessons.  Paige is working super hard this year in  the 4th grade and has an awesome group of friends.  She is running with Girls on the Run this fall and has set some lofty running goals.  We are looking forward to our 5K in November.  She still loves to play with her dolls and is a kid at heart.




Mason~ My baby.  Mason is having a wonderful year in the 2nd grade.  We adore his teacher and love that she is lifting him up and really focusing on his strengths.  He is really having fun learning to read chapter books and most of the time you can find him sitting on his bed, reading out loud to himself.  He still loves to talk and I think MOM will be his favorite word, forever.  He started Tae Kwon Do a few weeks ago and cannot get enough.  He is still the first to rise in the morning and is ready with his bed made, teeth brushed, bag packed and shoes on before the sun comes up.


I hope you are all enjoying the fall as much as we are!  Happy Wednesday!



Cross Country

Both Sam and Alice are running middle school cross country.  Today they had their first meet of the season in Leadville.  They both ran really well.  Unfortunately, Sam fell right before the finish line so he didn’t have a very good finish but we were so proud of both of them.  It is so fun to watch them excel and have fun doing it!  We also got to hang out with some great friends from Colorado Springs who were there for the meet as well. It was a perfect morning spending time with family and friends.









Happy Saturday.