Basketball {Mason}

Since he was little, Mason has always said that when he grows up, he wants to be a professional basketball player.  Other ideas have come and gone, but he has always stayed consistent on the basketball thing.  He had his first game on Monday night and his team won.  He didn’t get a basket but did have a couple of shots.  Man was he excited!  He definitely needs some work on the offense/defense part of the game but when he gets that dialed in….look out Denver Nuggets!

I can tell you one thing for sure…his enthusiasm for the game and life…it’s contagious.




A few more (not all) of my daily shots….it has been fun and sometimes stressful to find the time and the creativity but I am staying with it.  So far I have only missed a couple days.

5 Practicing

9 Odd One Out

10 Minimal

13 Winter Scene

14 Self/Portrait/Faceless


Gettin’ Busy!

What a great weekend we had!  Mason started basketball practice on Friday night, Alice and Paige had their first nordic ski races on Saturday in Steamboat Springs and Sam was in Palisade with his Speech and Debate team for the entire day.  Today we have Mary Poppins play practice, a driver’s test for the resident 16-year-old and church youth group for our 3 older kids. Phew!


Paige coming out of the individual start.


Alice coming around the last curve into the finish.


My four cherubs finishing up dishes after dinner.  Love them with every part of my being, especially when they do the dishes 😉


Last day…

…of winter break.

Back to school and work tomorrow! Well, the big kids went back today but Mason and I got one extra day to play. We decided to go out for a Nordic ski this morning. The snow wasn’t great but the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day.

Looks like we might be in for some new snow later this week!!!

Happy winter,


Stop Growing

Every year, right around Christmas, I try to get a picture of my kids, all together.  This year, I enticed them with sodas and snacks from the convenience store.  It also helped that it was nice and warm in the sun and they could wear jeans and sweatshirts 🙂  Here are a few of the shots from this year (and a few from previous years).






wescott 28




Happy days,


Capture your 365

So this year I am trying something new. I joined an online photography group. This group basically, through prompts and ideas, encourages you to take a picture a day for one year. It is daunting but I would love to better my photography skills and this seems like a great way to get it done.

Soooo, here are my first three pics.

1 The Beginning

2 Dormant (Jesse sleeping)

3 A Word (nature)

4 Improvise/Invent

It has been so fun to be creative with my shots and think outside the box a bit.


Year in Review 2017

Well, here we are again.  2017 was a busy year for us.  The kids continue to keep me on my toes.  Enjoy the year in review.  Alice has made me promise that I would blog a bit more this year.  Compared to last year, I can’t do any worse 🙂 Now, our annual picture walk thru time…

January 2017

February 2017


Fun trip to San Antonio, Texas over Winter Break.  The Alamo was our favorite destination.  That and all you can eat sushi with Grandma and Grandpa.

March 2017


Paige celebrated her 12th birthday!

April 2017

The snow melted and we started hiking.  The girls starred in The Lion King Jr. at the Riverwalk Center.

May 2017

Alice graduated from 8th grade and was named Outstanding 8th Grade Student.  We did some more hiking and fishing.  We celebrated our nephew, Zachary’s, graduation from high school. Scott turned 42!

June 2017

Alice and Mason both had birthdays in June.  Mountain bike racing started up and we went fishing at Rainbow Lake with Grandma and Grandpa.

July 2017

July was jam-packed with fun events.  We decorated our annual 4th of July parade float and our theme was The Biking Vikings.  Mountain biking continued and we had two podiums this month.  At the end of the month, we drove to Gatlinburg, TN for an amazing week celebrating Grandma and Papa Wescott’s anniversary.  The kids got to play with all their cousins and had an awesome time.

August 2017

The kids and mom all went back to school.

September 2017

In September, we lived with a lot of smoke and haze due to multiple fires burning around us.  The three big kids started running cross-country.  Sam and Alice both started the season running varsity.

October 2017

Sam and Alice attended SHS Homecoming and Grandma and Papa came for a visit.  We celebrated Sam’s  and Papa’s birthdays.  We also spent Halloween downtown Frisco.

November 2017

Thanksgiving was spent at Jeff and Stacie’s house in Monument.  It was such a nice evening and we stuffed ourselves silly!

December 2017

December is always a crazy fun month.  We hiked miles into the National Forest and found our perfect Christmas tree.  I celebrated my 43rd birthday.  My family trekked through blowing snow to celebrated an early Christmas in Frisco and we are ever so grateful.  It was a wonderful day!  We spent Christmas at home and it was a nice quiet day, just the six of us.  Scott and I got out for a long nordic ski and the kids stayed in their jammies 🙂

Happy New Year,




Year in Review {2016}

Well, life is still happening over here, I just haven’t had a minute to blog about it.  Sooo, instead, I’ll just skip right to my yearly 2016 review in pictures. We are all doing great, just busy, busy, busy!


After a nordic ski race in Steamboat Springs, we headed to the Strawberry Hot Springs.  It was a great way to heal those sore muscles!



We spent our February break at Grandma and Grandpa’s condo in Colorado Springs.  We thought it would be warmer.  We thought wrong.



Paige celebrated her 11th birthday….sick.  She did get to celebrate by taking two friends on a  Denver day but wasn’t feeling her best.  Hopefully we have better luck this year!



Spring Break!!! We drove ourselves to Mexico and had a wonderful week combing the beach for shells, swimming with sea lions and enjoying some seriously needed down time.




The month (besides December) that makes all mothers go a little bit loopy.  It makes my head hurt just thinking about it!  Alice performed in her very first musical, The Little Mermaid Jr. She starred as one of Ursula’s evil tentacles and rocked it!  Paige happily graduated from 5th grade and never looked back!  I am happy to report that she is loving middle school and has made some fabulous new friends.  Phew.  Sam finished his first season with Summit Youth Orchestra.  He really enjoyed it and his tromboning skills have improved greatly.




And so begins mountain bike season…..All four kiddos raced this season which meant a lot of opportunity for cheering and pictures.  It also meant a lot of gear wrestling and bigger biceps from hoisting all those bikes onto the rack each week.  There has to be some pluses for this mama, right!?!?  Not only did we mountain bike ride a lot but we also had a ton of company.  Scott’s aunt, uncle and cousins came for a quick visit on their way to Vail and Scott’s parents also came for a visit to celebrate Alice and Mason’s birthdays.



Alice and I competed in the Frisco SUP Triathlon.  We had so much fun (she beat me) and we are already planning our training schedule for the next one now. We had a great 4th holiday with the Werschkys.  Scott’s brother and nephew came for a visit.  I went to Michigan to visit my parents and help my mom after heart surgery.



Back to school we all go!   Sam started high school *shiver*, Alice, 8th and Paige, 6th, Mason, 4th. I have spent this year in kindergarten as a special education paraprofessional.  I love my school and my job.



Sam, Alice and Paige started running cross-country and we saw our first snow. Alice and Paige auditioned for The Lion King, Jr. and both got a part.  Mason continues to work at karate and his next belt test.



Sam turned 15.  He attended his first homecoming dance with his guy friends and worked toward his driver’s permit.  We had a gorgeous extension of fall and the kids enjoyed running in the extended warm weather. Grandma and Papa Wescott came for a visit and spent Halloween with us.


November….well, that was the last time I posted in 2016.

Sam started Speech and Debate tournaments and dry land nordic ski training. Scott and I lost control of our weekends. We had a crazy warm November with no snow.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends. Sam earned his first varsity letter for cross-country (as a freshman).



The other month that makes parents go crazy puffs.  Alice won the SMS geography bee and will go to the state competition in May (of course).  Everyone started nordic skiing.  It started snowing (and hasn’t stopped!) and the kids had a snow day.  Snow days don’t come around very often here so we were stoked.  We had a wonderful Christmas together.  This year we started a new tradition…gingerbread house making competition between cousins.  Amazingly enough, the boys won and the girl house….fell.  They are calling for a rematch next year.  We skied, ice-skated, went sledding, played outside and had tons of fun on our break.


Well, that was the year 2016.  I am sure I have left out plenty of fun stuff.  It was a good year filled with love and happiness.  Of course, we do have teenagers so there was also door slamming, attitudes, crying and lots of drama….we aren’t perfect but we are us; that’s enough for me.