2020 Year in Review

Well, 2020 sure did throw us for a loop but we made it through! I know that we came out stronger and appreciate all the goodness that came from this past year.


I always love watching my kids Nordic ski. This year Paige will be taking a break from the team and joining the swim team with Alice.


Alice qualified for the state swim meet!


Paige celebrated her birthday and we started learning/working/teaching online.


I learned how to fly fish


Scott celebrated his birthday and Sam had a funky graduation!


Mason and Alice celebrated their birthdays and we spent lots of time in nature.


We helped paint a BLM mural in Frisco.


Sam went to college


Alice ran her last xc season.


We celebrated Sam’s birthday in Bozeman


Scott and I had dinner in a yurt with my mom and dad. Socially-distant.


Scott and I spent a lot of time doing what we love most, being together, running, skiing and biking.

Most years I choose pictures that I am proud of, pictures I took with my big camera. This year I used my cell phone pictures because they are the most “in the moment” shots. Much like these pictures, it wasn’t a perfect year but we are grateful for each moment we were together making memories. We will never forget 2020.

Much love, Jen

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