Sam {Twelve}

Almost a week ago, the Sam Man turned twelve.  We went out for lunch and to a movie and then celebrated with a little family party for him at home in the evening.  He was soooo thrilled with his three new books, a lego set, watch and longboard.  He is growing up so fast and we are enjoying watching him become a big kid.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Man!


Check it Out!!!!!

Hey there, are you in need of 2014 calendar?    Henan Kids International is selling 2014 calendars to raise money for the orphanages in the Henan Province.  This is a great way to support the kids still living in orphanages in China and get a super cool calendar full of Henan cuties, including our sweet, adorable Mason.

At least $10 from every calendar goes DIRECTLY to specific projects in orphanages in Henan.  They have NO overhead, NO admin fees, and it does NOT go into orphanage directors’ pockets– they submit a request, we wire money, they send back receipts and pictures.

Click HERE  to order your calendar.  Don’t wait too long, only a few days left to get one!!!!

Happy Halloween…Almost.

We have been busy getting ready for Halloween.  Costumes are being made and candy has been bought (and possibly eaten).  Last weekend we got our pumpkins and had fun decorating and carving them.







We are all looking forward to trick or treating in Frisco.  It is always a great night that we all enjoy.  The snow is already blowing around up here in the mountains and ski resorts are opening.  We are gearing up for a great winter season at home and in the stores.  Have a great week!

Saturday Funday

I know….it’s suppose to be Sunday Funday but we are having such a fun weekend that it didn’t apply to just Sunday.

Yesterday, we headed down the hill to the Denver Nature and Science Museum.  We were super stoked for the Mythbuster’s Experience.  It did not disappoint and I will talk more about that later.

On our way home, we drove over Loveland Pass.  The sun was just setting and the views were beyond compare.  It was a bit windy and cold so I didn’t get a lot of pictures.

Have a great day!!!!!






Scott’s parents are here visiting for a week and we are packing in a ton of fun.  The kids are also enjoying playing games, working puzzles and just hanging out with grandma and papa!



When we moved into this house, I had most of the main living areas painted.  I also had the master bedroom (using that term very loosely) painted mainly because it needed a good coat of paint, badly.  After seeing the estimate to have all the berooms painted, I scaled back the job.  I knew that I could paint the kids rooms and basement.  It took me a bit longer to get it done than I thought it would but now I have two rooms down and only one to go.

Sam wanted silver metallic and neon green walls.  We compromised with a bright green desk, one neon accent wall and cement gray on the rest.  He was thrilled when it was all done.


Instead of metallic walls, we added a sheet metal headboard and accents to give it an industrial feel.


I found this desk at the thrift store and it is perfect for Sam.  I cleaned it up a bit and put a coat of chalkboard paint on the top.  It has lots of space for all his stuff and a big enough desktop for homework.  Why do kids have so much “stuff”?



Sam has a pretty big closet so we didn’t need space for a dresser in his room.  That way we could add this fun chair into the mix.

Next came the girls basement bedroom. Two words that described their room, dreary and gloomy.  It was also big so it worked for both of them.  They have had their paint picked out for a long time.  2 year to be exact.  We were planning on redecorating their room in Colorado Springs but once we decided to move, painting a bedroom bright green and blue seemed like a bad idea.  Finally, they got their cool big girl room.  We started out with their beds bunked but realized that they both needed some of their own space so I unbunked them and separated the room into two distinct spaces.


Alice’s side of the room.  She got a new linens and kept her antique dresser.



Paige’s side of the room.  She is using the built-in dresser in the closet.  This gives her more rooms for some of the toys and dolls she still loves.   She also got a new bedspread that is totally her personality.  No more matching quilts….

In an effort to give them each some of their own space but still keep them together, I ran some sheer curtains across the middle of the room on a wire divider.  They both love this idea and couldn’t wait for me to hang it all up.  The funny part is that every time I go into the room, the curtain is pushed all the way back to the wall.  I guess they really do love each other. A little bit anyway:)  They enjoy playing in the common space but also the tiny bit of privacy the curtains give them.





This sign was the inspiration for their room.  I am also having some black and white candid shots of them blown up and framed.  I think it will be the perfect finishing touch for this shared room.

Now on to Mason’s room.  Oh boy. Dare I even take him to the paint store:)

Have a great week!


Take a Kid Mountain Biking

Today was National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.  Kinda like Take a Kid to Work Day but way more fun and geared toward being on a mountain.  Well...duh.  Along with IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association), we (Wilderness Sports) decided to host an event in Summit County.  Of course, as you may or may not know, it snowed here yesterday.  And it is pretty cold.  Like puffy, base layers and wool hats, cold.  We didn’t let a pesky little thing like snow keep us down.  Like any true mountain resident, you throw on an extra layer and get out there. That is exactly what we did:)  Unfortunately, the trails and bike park were a tad bit wet and muddy but the kids were able to get out for a short ride and skills lesson.


DSC_3612_edited-1 DSC_3613_edited-1 DSC_3617_edited-1 DSC_3618_edited-1


After “taking our kids mountain biking” we headed across the park to watch the cyclocross  race.  We had a blast hanging out with some friends and heckling the riders.  We had a great spot to spectate and the kids made good use of their cow bells.

It was a great day and we didn’t turn into popsicles and that is always a good thing:)

Sam had his last cross-country meet this morning in Aspen and it was just as cold and snowy there as it was here.  He didn’t feel like he had a super great race but he made up for it by ordering a BLT and chocolate malt for lunch.  I know, definitely NOT plant-based but, hey, more power to him; he had 30 bucks burning a hole in his pocket and mom and dad weren’t around to give him the disapproving eye.  Overall, he ran a great season and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  At his last race he finished 4th out of all the middle school boys.  We aren’t really surprised by his running skills but we are really happy with how he has adjusted to school, sports and homework.  Way to go, Sam!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!