Take a Kid Mountain Biking

Today was National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.  Kinda like Take a Kid to Work Day but way more fun and geared toward being on a mountain.  Well...duh.  Along with IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association), we (Wilderness Sports) decided to host an event in Summit County.  Of course, as you may or may not know, it snowed here yesterday.  And it is pretty cold.  Like puffy, base layers and wool hats, cold.  We didn’t let a pesky little thing like snow keep us down.  Like any true mountain resident, you throw on an extra layer and get out there. That is exactly what we did:)  Unfortunately, the trails and bike park were a tad bit wet and muddy but the kids were able to get out for a short ride and skills lesson.


DSC_3612_edited-1 DSC_3613_edited-1 DSC_3617_edited-1 DSC_3618_edited-1


After “taking our kids mountain biking” we headed across the park to watch the cyclocross  race.  We had a blast hanging out with some friends and heckling the riders.  We had a great spot to spectate and the kids made good use of their cow bells.

It was a great day and we didn’t turn into popsicles and that is always a good thing:)

Sam had his last cross-country meet this morning in Aspen and it was just as cold and snowy there as it was here.  He didn’t feel like he had a super great race but he made up for it by ordering a BLT and chocolate malt for lunch.  I know, definitely NOT plant-based but, hey, more power to him; he had 30 bucks burning a hole in his pocket and mom and dad weren’t around to give him the disapproving eye.  Overall, he ran a great season and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  At his last race he finished 4th out of all the middle school boys.  We aren’t really surprised by his running skills but we are really happy with how he has adjusted to school, sports and homework.  Way to go, Sam!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


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