Can You Believe…..

….that I haven’t posted any pictures of Halloween.

I know.  I have seriously been slacking.  This year, when it came to costume making,  I gave my sewing machine a break and broke out the old glue gun.  We all had fun coming up with costumes this year.  We had three minions, a 50’s girl, Santa Claus and a super scary clown.  Once again, Frisco was crazy crowded with all sorts of candy eating goblins running around.   We had a blast handing out candy and greeting all the adorable trick-or-treaters.


Two yellow minions and their crazy purple minion baby


A very serious Santa Claus. Paige always picks the most unusual Halloween costume:)


Alice and some school friends enjoying the 5th grade dance party

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of Sam in his costume.  He had a blast this year collecting mountains of candy with his friends.  Because trick or treating is mainly on one closed off road, I feel pretty comfortable letting him go off with a couple of friends.  He comes back every little bit to say hi and warm up:)

I hope you all had a fun Halloween!!!