good {old-fashioned} fun


Here’s the lowdown at the Wescott house.

Mason is toddling around on his two adorable feet and we are loving it!
He is truly enjoying his new found freedom. He is not thrilled with the stroller, backpack or any other device that keeps him strapped down. His newest word is shoe. He loves his big boy shoes and really likes wearing them. Honestly, I think that he likes the feeling of having something on his feet because he is so used to wearing the tight corrective shoes.

We have really just been busy having fun around here. We are still busy with soccer, football, track and the usual school stuff.

Here are some shots from the last week. The Wescott-having fun. Life is good. Even on the tough days, I try to remember that it is all good.

Life is good.


Mason had his appointment with his doctor in Greeley yesterday and boy was it his lucky day. He now gets to wear his tennis shoes all day long. He is wearing his shoes and brace during naps and at bedtime and maybe a bit more. His precious little feet are now free to walk, move and wiggle! We knew that walking would happen quickly but he has wasted no time:) Off you go Mason!

Finally, finally. I think everyone has shaken the sickies. If one more person hurls, I might run screaming from the house. Sorry, that was gross. But so is the amount of junk I have dealt with this week. Yuck. Let’s all say it together. Yuck.

Our weekend ended up being beautiful. On Saturday, Alice had a soccer game. Afterwards she had her team photos taken. I enjoyed snapping these pictures of her and the team. We spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing outside and soaking in the end of summer.

Today, we spent the morning at church. We had lunch at Einstein’s and the walked around Manitou Springs for the rest of the afternoon. We even enjoyed an ice-cream cone at Colorado Creamery in Old Colorado City.

Couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend. Now everyone is slumbering and resting their bodies to GO BACK TO SCHOOL tomorrow. Lunches are made, clothes are laid out, bags are packed. I haven’t been this ready since….okay, never.

Enjoy the week. Mason and I (and Paige) will be going back to Greeley on Tuesday for a checkup. If all goes as planned, Mason will be wearing his shoes/braces 16 hours a day instead of 23 hours, as he is now. Have I mentioned that he has started walking in the one hour a day he isn’t wearing the shoes? He is definitely tottering between us and the furniture. He is so ready. It brings tears to my eyes every time. Just so hard to believe that he has only been in treatment since March 17th. God is so amazing. Truly a miracle. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel back to Greeley.


Design Star

I LOVE design shows. I have no design skill, whatsoever. Candice Olsen and David Bromstad make it look so easy, don’t they?

We have lived in this house for just over 4 years and have done very little to make it ours. Initially, I think we were so excited just to be in a house for more than a nanosecond that we moved in our stuff and began living. It was nearly impossible to get anything done because Paige was a little baby and Alice and Samuel were toddlers. I was lucky just to get boxes emptied.
When we decided to paint the kitchen, it took us 2 months of painting during naps and after bedtime to finally get it done. Ugh. Last fall, I finally got around to painting our bedroom. It felt good to get moving on personalizing at least one room. Unfortunately, the painting was as far as I got. We received Mason’s referral in November and then the excitement and loads of paperwork began.
Now I am determined to tackle this house, one room at a time. I am starting to finish our bedroom and then moving on to the master bathroom. The bathroom will be a challenge because we don’t have the time or funds to completely remodel it. There is tons of white tile with pink and grey flowers. The counter tops are grey fleck and the fireplace is black with gold trim and dark grey tile. Scott really wants to tear out carpet and tile. I think that might have to wait a while. The first big project in the bathroom is taking down the cheap builder mirrors. I believe those are hung with liquid nails. Ugh. Anyone know an easy way to remove those without removing the dry wall too?
Anyway, here’s to a decorated master bedroom and bathroom. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Hopefully I can post before and after pictures, soon….very soon.

Happy designing!

Bad case of the sickies

The title pretty much sums up our weekend. Paige started getting sick last Wednesday and by Friday we felt like she was well enough to go to school. Samuel started his case of the sickies on Saturday night/Sunday morning. He threw up all night long. Yuck! Because Sam was under the weather, Alice and I went to church alone on Sunday. Part way through the service, Alice started complaining of a tummy ache and half hour after we arrived home, she let loose, so to speak. She hung out on the couch all day with the bucket close by. After putting the kids to bed last night, I felt pretty certain that we were on the way back to health. I changed all the bed sheets, disinfected all the bathroom, wiped down all door handles and light switches. Well, guess what? Paige started throwing up at 2:30 am and Scott started at 2:31 am. Back to washing sheets, disinfecting, etc.
I am hoping for a better night tonight. Maybe more sleep? Please?!?!?!?

Mason is holding strong and I am still feeling good, tired but well. Let’s just hope it stays that way. What are the odds?

I hope you all have a healthy, happy day!

Pretty Paige

posing and preparing

for preschool.

Paige is positively precious.

Today was Paige’s first day of PreK. She was very excited and nervous. I was really proud of her, she didn’t cling to my leg or shed a tear. Very different from last year. It is amazing how much can change in a year. She has really grown up. Her teachers are fantastic and she is going to have a blast and learn so much. Hard to believe that at this time next fall she will be starting Kindergarten.


6 months home.

On Sunday, Mason had officially been home with us for 6 months. Sometimes it seems as if he has always been here and at the same time it feels like we were just in China. I looked back at our first pictures of Mason and the changes are amazing.

Everyday holds new possibilities for Mason and we love to watch him grow.

Church Retreat

This weekend we had such a great time at our church retreat. For the second year in a row, we have spent part of our Labor Day weekend at a ranch in Divide, CO with our wonderful friends from church. It is such a beautiful place to hang out and relax. We started out Friday night at the retreat with hot chocolate and popcorn in the lodge. Saturday was filled with hiking the Crags, volleyball, hide and seek, ice-cream making, chatting and laughing with great friends, crafting, fishing and so much more. In the evening after dinner the kids enjoyed smores around the lodge fireplace. Friday night, Mason was up a couple times in the middle of the night and the only way that he was comfortable sleeping was right on top of me so I didn’t get any sleep. I decided that the sleeping arrangements needed to change for Saturday night, so Mason and I hitched a ride home with Kent and Victoria and slept in our own beds. Scott stayed at camp with the three oldest. They were excited to brave another night of camping with dad. I couldn’t fathom how Mason or I would do without another nights sleep. Today, Scott and the kids will stay for breakfast and worship and then head for home. Luckily, the ranch is only about 40 minutes from the house so we should be expecting them very soon.

Making ice-cream


Mason had tons of fun playing on the playground at the ranch.


Samuel had a great time fishing with Scott. He caught 2 fish all on his own.

The veiw that we got while driving down from our campsite to the lodge for breakfast.
Mason and I are going to enjoy our last few minutes of quiet before the rest of my family comes through the door. I hope you all have a fun, safe holiday weekend.


Here I am. Sometimes it is just one more thing. This blogging thing.

Our life has been more than crazy with the start of school and sports. We seem to be running in 100 different directions. Okay, at least 6. Here is a recap of the last 3 week. Sam, Alice started school which begins the fun of homework, carpool, volunteering, lots of paperwork, making lunches, library books, presentations, and so much more.

Sam has started flag football which he loves. He had his first game last night and did great. He is really thriving in the 2nd grade and finding it much more challenging than 1st.

Alice started soccer and has been practicing for a couple weeks now. She is playing on an all girls team and really likes that. It also helps that she plays with her best friend Abby. Alice is doing well in first grade. She has made a couple new friends in her class and loves art and music class.

Paige will be starting preschool on Wednesday and is a bit nervous. She is definitely a momma’s girl. I will really miss her and can’t believe that my sweet angel baby is growing up. I will try and remember the tissues. She can’t decide whether she is interested in ballet or gymnastics, every day it changes.

Mason is doing great. We cannot believe that we are coming up on his 6 months home anniversary. In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a real change in him. He seems much more content and his personality is beginning to really show. He is still wearing the braces but we are all getting anxious for the day he can have them off a bit more (Especially our shins).

Next week, Sam and Alice start cross country and will begin having meets weekly. That is always good fun and great for photo ops. Break out your running skirt, Alice is back!

We are all looking forward to camping this weekend at our church retreat. Looking forward to relaxing and having some fun family time.

Pink ball, pink shirt, pink shorts, pink socks, friends in pink. What’s not to love about girls soccer?

Run Forrest, run! I think that Sam is taking after his dad…in the running part anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Look out cross country!

Have a wonderful day!