Here I am. Sometimes it is just one more thing. This blogging thing.

Our life has been more than crazy with the start of school and sports. We seem to be running in 100 different directions. Okay, at least 6. Here is a recap of the last 3 week. Sam, Alice started school which begins the fun of homework, carpool, volunteering, lots of paperwork, making lunches, library books, presentations, and so much more.

Sam has started flag football which he loves. He had his first game last night and did great. He is really thriving in the 2nd grade and finding it much more challenging than 1st.

Alice started soccer and has been practicing for a couple weeks now. She is playing on an all girls team and really likes that. It also helps that she plays with her best friend Abby. Alice is doing well in first grade. She has made a couple new friends in her class and loves art and music class.

Paige will be starting preschool on Wednesday and is a bit nervous. She is definitely a momma’s girl. I will really miss her and can’t believe that my sweet angel baby is growing up. I will try and remember the tissues. She can’t decide whether she is interested in ballet or gymnastics, every day it changes.

Mason is doing great. We cannot believe that we are coming up on his 6 months home anniversary. In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a real change in him. He seems much more content and his personality is beginning to really show. He is still wearing the braces but we are all getting anxious for the day he can have them off a bit more (Especially our shins).

Next week, Sam and Alice start cross country and will begin having meets weekly. That is always good fun and great for photo ops. Break out your running skirt, Alice is back!

We are all looking forward to camping this weekend at our church retreat. Looking forward to relaxing and having some fun family time.

Pink ball, pink shirt, pink shorts, pink socks, friends in pink. What’s not to love about girls soccer?

Run Forrest, run! I think that Sam is taking after his dad…in the running part anyway 🙂 Look out cross country!

Have a wonderful day!


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