Running {Away}

For a few days, anyway.

Thursday night, Scott and I headed (slid) down the mountain to Denver for a trade show.  This was Scott’s third trade show this month but my first.  It was cool.  We met lots of great people and checked out a lot of skis, boots, binding, split boards, skins, etc.  We even got to go out to dinner alone. Crazy awesome.  It’s the little things, I tell ya.  I love this guy.  

Saturday morning we met three of my dearest friends for a 10K.  I have been so excited for this day. I love living up here in the mountains but I surely do miss my friends.  We ran, we chatted, we laughed and we ate Italian food (after running).  It was a perfect day.  I love these ladies.  Thanks Kristin, Kim and Lana for making it such a fun day!  
Above, Kristin (in bright blue) and I (and some random girl) running the last 1/2 mile of the race.  I felt good at the 5 mile sign but quickly faded 🙂  Kristin is my running rock.  I don’t really like to run without her.  Bummer we live 2 hours apart. She is an awesome runner and keeps me going when everything inside my head says this is stupid, stop running, walking is way more fun
Soooo many thanks to my parents for watching the kids for a few days.  Scott and I had much needed away time and that is always so valuable.  We enjoyed our time together and with friends.  Despite the foot of snow and high altitude, they stayed with the kids and I know everyone had a blast (the kids keep asking when we can go back to Denver).  
I hope you had an awesome weekend!

What do they do?

We all hate that word but there are jobs around the house that have to be done.  Like dishes, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, feeding the dog….well, I could go on and on forever. Chores are never-ending. Are your kids responsible for certain chores around your house?  How much responsibility do you give your 10 year old as opposed to your younger kids?  
Now that I am working more it is hard to find time to get it all done (and who am I kidding, I couldn’t find enough time in the day when I worked at home).  Plus, the kids are getting bigger and (in my opinion) can handle more responsibility.  
Our kids do help out around the house a bit.  They set and clear the table, empty the dishwasher, make beds, and fold dish towels and napkins, among other things.  
What do your kids do?  Do you have a chore chart or schedule?  Feel free to give me your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
P.S. Don’t mention this to my kids.  They might go on strike 🙂  

Saturday Sledding

The kiddos had the day off from school today so we got out and did a little sledding. My tailbone is still yelling at me!
We have had a great weekend. Friends from the Springs (who have a condo in Summit County) came over for dinner on Saturday night. We had an awesome time relaxing, laughing and catching up on life. Thank goodness for great friends.
Sunday morning, Scott went ice-climbing with some guys from the shop and the kids and I stayed warm indoors. In the afternoon, Alice went to a birthday party for a friend in her class and the rest of us feasted on yummy Mexican food. Today we are getting more (and more and more) snow. It is really pretty and makes all those ski people really happy. We hope you have had a wonderful weekend.


This snow means business…..

The kids and I decided to snowshoe a different trail this morning. This trail is one of our faves in the summer because it follows along Ten Mile Creek and there are plenty of places for little people to stop and play and be adventurous.  One of the kids favorites spots is at a small run off near the beginning of the trail. In the warmer months, my kids love to dam it up with pebbles and figure which way the water will run.  Today, their favorite little stream was pure ice and that seemed to be just as fun.  We spent about 2 hours on the trail just hiking along and stopping when someone needed a bit of a break.  Alice got the Snowshoer of the Day award.  She led the way, never complained and even wanted to keep going when the group was ready to turn around.  It was a great snowy morning.  By the time we arrived back at the car we all had about 3 inches of snow on our hats and jackets.  It was a beautiful day to be outside, that is for sure.

The Business of Snow

So, most of you are now aware that we have uprooted our family from sunny, mostly warm Colorado Springs to the small, sunny, usually cold and snowy Frisco.  They are only two hours apart but the weather varies greatly.  This winter has been a bit different than past years.  We don’t (well, we didn’t) have much snow.  It started out with a bang in October, flurried pretty consistently through November and then stopped.  I do believe that we only had two days of the white stuff in December and no accumulation.  Two days ago I ran OUTSIDE in short sleeves.  It was just that warm.  Between you and me, I really am loving it. It seems like a gift from God to have a nice and easy (and warm) transition into this crazy new way of life that should be including feet of snow.  Okay, so I do realize that God probably doesn’t give a hoot if we do or do not get snow.  Maybe He got tired of hearing my no snow prayer over and over again.  I think that He really has bigger problems like disease and war, you know.  Anyway, I digress.  Thank you God!  (for all the bigger blessings of which I am greatly undeserving).
When you own an outdoor store that caters to backcountry skiing and touring, snow is helpful.  Pretty important actually.  Everyone in the county is walking around looking at the sky, wondering. Where is this elusive snow we speak of?  Sam’s basketball coach commented last night that in all the 20 years he has lived in Summit County, he has never seen the grass in January or something like that….
Today it is snowing. Really snowing.  Scott was so excited that he started shoveling at 7:15 am right outside our bedroom window.  I not so politely let him know that was a bit crazy.  He stopped.
Snow is great for business. You (mainly me) would think that people would stay home when it snows, indoors, all snugly and warm. Or….run to the ski hill mountain and make some turns on really honest to goodness snow. But no.  They flock to the store in need of skis, boots, gloves.  It is really cool and amazing how this phenomenon works.  Since we have had a handful a month full of warm sunny days, I will take this snowy one.  We might even get out and enjoy it.  We do have those new snowshoes.  Scott will be busy working and ringing customers out so I will say a little prayer that the snow sticks and that Scott gets to not only look out the window on this beautiful day but also may he get out and enjoy it too. Amen.

P.S. Hopefully beautiful snowy pictures to follow 🙂

A Year in Pictures {2011}

For the last couple years, sometime in January, I have written a year in review post.  This year, mainly because it takes me soooo long (my brain is turning to mush) to remember or go back and read about the important happenings from each month, I am only going to post my favorite snapshots from each month of 2011.  This way you can use your imaginations:)  Have fun on the year long picture walk!

This year has been full of changes.  We have changed jobs, houses, towns, cars, lifestyles, weather and schools.  With all this transition comes some minor bumps in the road but overall we are thrilled with the changes that we have made.  We look forward to what 2012 has in store for us!













We hope you all had an awesome 2011!

Love to you all,