Running {Away}

For a few days, anyway.

Thursday night, Scott and I headed (slid) down the mountain to Denver for a trade show.  This was Scott’s third trade show this month but my first.  It was cool.  We met lots of great people and checked out a lot of skis, boots, binding, split boards, skins, etc.  We even got to go out to dinner alone. Crazy awesome.  It’s the little things, I tell ya.  I love this guy.  

Saturday morning we met three of my dearest friends for a 10K.  I have been so excited for this day. I love living up here in the mountains but I surely do miss my friends.  We ran, we chatted, we laughed and we ate Italian food (after running).  It was a perfect day.  I love these ladies.  Thanks Kristin, Kim and Lana for making it such a fun day!  
Above, Kristin (in bright blue) and I (and some random girl) running the last 1/2 mile of the race.  I felt good at the 5 mile sign but quickly faded 🙂  Kristin is my running rock.  I don’t really like to run without her.  Bummer we live 2 hours apart. She is an awesome runner and keeps me going when everything inside my head says this is stupid, stop running, walking is way more fun
Soooo many thanks to my parents for watching the kids for a few days.  Scott and I had much needed away time and that is always so valuable.  We enjoyed our time together and with friends.  Despite the foot of snow and high altitude, they stayed with the kids and I know everyone had a blast (the kids keep asking when we can go back to Denver).  
I hope you had an awesome weekend!

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