He shoots……

……he scores!

excuse the blurry pic. Straight out of the phone 🙂

After many, many basketball games and thousands (okay, maybe fifty) shots on the basket,
Sam finally made a basket!!!!!  I may have shed a few happy tears.  We were so excited that we took the whole fam out for frozen yogurt.  I think we all deserved it.  Way to go, Sam!

Has anyone seen the children that belong in these boots?
Ha Ha.  I found that when I take the kids out snowshoeing, by myself, it is definitely easier and warmer if I get all their snowshoes set up before we go. We put them on in the living room and then take them to the car pre-loaded.  Once we get to the trail, the kids can just slip their boots on and are ready to go.  It was Scott’s idea. I hate to admit it but he came up with this fab plan.  
Sunday morning, after church, we headed to our favorite doughnut/breakfast place in Breck and ordered up some yummy doughy goodness.  We took our treats and headed down the street to the snow sculpture competitions. The Young’s were in town, so we met up with them and toured the amazing sculptures.  It was a beautiful morning with great friends. So glad that we got to spend some time with them while they were in the county!  
Hope you all had a great Monday!

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