Bike to School

Today was Bike to School Day at Frisco Elementary.  The kids and I ride our bikes almost every morning, now that the weather is a bit more predictable.  Mason and I usually drop off the kids at school and then head to the post office, grocery store and make a quick stop at the park before returning home. That is the beauty of living in a small town.
This morning, most of the kids rode their bikes to school.  It was pretty fun to see all the bikes lined up.  We were blessed to have some friends who live across the reservoir, come over and ride along with us to school.  We are always a bit of a caravan (well, five bikes and a trailer does make for a sight) but this morning it was really fun with friends and neighbors riding along.  We only had one minor spill so I would say it was a success!

Some even chose to make it to school on their horses! Check out a couple of the teachers on their “rides”! All the kids thought this was the coolest way to get to school, for sure.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Have fun and stay safe!

Mason’s Baptism

We headed down the mountain very early this morning.  Very, very early.  Today was Mason’s baptism.  He was blessed to be baptized by our very dear pastor at our church that we have attended for about 12 years.  It was a glorious day!  Mason loved that the whole day was about he and God and he let everyone know it 🙂
Doesn’t he look precious in his Chinese silks and jade necklace?  He was also sporting his red chucks.  Gotta keep it real 🙂
We were also so blessed to have my sister-in-law and nephew there to celebrate with us.  Our awesome friends the Young’s high-tailed it home from a trip to Denver for the big day as well! Many thanks to our church family for welcoming us back this morning with open arms.  It always feel good to come home and spend the day among friends.

After church and all our visiting with friends and family, we spent some time on the trail.  We didn’t get in a lot of hiking but we did spend lots of time just bouldering around of the rocks.

Happy Sunday!  It was a great day!

Middle of the Week Recipe {crockpot beans and rice}

When you eat mostly plant based (I am still working on the word vegan), it is sometimes hard to find recipes that feel hearty.  This is a great, super easy and recipe that feels like you are puttin’ some meat on your bones (that is, if you ate meat).  It is a hit at this house.  I  serve it with homemade cornbread and a green salad.  I did break my brown rice rule on this one because it sounded sooo good with white rice.

I found this recipe at but I altered it a bit.  I didn’t get a picture because it was gone before I could take any.  Good luck.  Check it out here if you are in need of pictures.
Pinto beans and rice in a crock pot.

Here is my take on it.

Get out the crock pot.
Turn it on high (or low if you are cooking overnight).
Dump in a bag of pinto beans (I did rinse them first).
Cover beans with water.
Add a jar of picante sauce.
Add 1 teaspoon of cumin and chili powder.
Salt and pepper as needed.

Let cook for a long time (mine cooks for about 6 hours or longer on high but I live at serious altitude so adjust as needed).

Cook rice (white or brown).
Spoon beans over rice and eat up!

Changing the World….

…one science fair project at a time.

Phew!  He finished it. Trying to figure out how to slow down the melting of the polar ice caps is a big job, especially for a 10 year old.  We are super proud of him and are super glad that this project only comes around once a year 🙂

Happy Wednesday!
Our day has only just begun! And to think that I have already made it through a 1st grade field trip. That should give me a ticket to a bubble bath and a good book.  Oh well.   Soccer practice, swim team, work clinics, dinner and homework top the list for our busy evening!


Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

We had a very nice day celebrating ME 🙂 The kids and Scott started out by bringing me breakfast in bed.  Then we got up and headed to church (trying out a new one).  Everyone was on their best behavior (which is really all I ask for).  Unfortunately, the weather was super crummy so instead of our usual Mother’s Day hike, we piled in the car and drove over to Vail.  It was snowing pretty good over the pass but cleared a bit once we got down into the Vail valley.  We spent a couple hours just walking around exploring the village and then we headed back home.

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the important women in your life!

Sam was (again) not pictured because he chose to go to a movie and dinner with a neighborhood friend.  I won’t hold it against him for too long.  Maybe just until next Mother’s Day 🙂


Spring Pictures

Yesterday, after school, we headed over to the Dillon marina to play and get some new pics for my sidebar. Spring pics.  Three kids were cooperating, one not so much.  Oh well, so it goes with four kids.  They don’t always cooperate at the same time.  Here are some of the many pictures that I snapped. I haven’t had a chance to edit them all yet so please don’t grade me on my shots 🙂

Now you might have an idea of the ONE who wasn’t cooperating 🙂  He (who is not pictured above) wasn’t up for having his picture taken and he made us all aware of it!

I did snap this one after we got home.  He even smiled.  Lucky me 🙂

Don’t mind the broken glasses and dirty shirt.  I am certainly not complaining.  I got a smile.

Happy Thursday!

Middle of the Week Recipe {Kale Chips}

The people in the grocery store are beginning to thinks something is seriously wrong with my kids.

I have stopped taking them into the produce section.  Just kidding.  But it has crossed my mind.
My kids beg for kale.  They cry if I don’t buy it.  Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee……buy kale today, Mom!!!

The real reason for the begging and pleading is kale chips.  Yummy, crunchy, salty kale. KALE?!?!?!?  
Yes, that kale. The leafy green (kinda strong and sour) kale.  It makes some good chips.  Try it, you’ll like it. 
If I make a batch of kale chips, they are gone in like 10 seconds. I don’t even get the chance to put them in a bowl. They are gone, straight off the baking sheet. 
I wanted to take a picture of these yummy kale chips but my husband put the rest of the kale into our kids’ morning smoothie.  It took a few tries but now they have embraced the kale, broccoli, berry, banana smoothie. Just another good use for kale. 
So, obviously, this is not MY recipe but it is an easy, inexpensive, healthier way to snack.  
Here’s the deal:
Buy a bunch of kale.
Wash it. Dry it. I put mine in the salad spinner to get extra water off.
Cut off the leafy part into chip sized pieces.
Lay them flat out on a baking sheet.
Lightly coat with olive oil spray (or toss in olive oil and then lay them out on baking sheet)
Sprinkle with sea salt (sometimes I get crazy and add other spices like seasoning or garlic salt, your call) 
Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or so.  Don’t let them burn!  
P.S. Again, not my recipe.
P.S.S. Don’t put them in your kids lunchbox. They do crumble very easily. 
P.S.S.S. I am still waiting on some of YOUR recipes 🙂
I am going to try some other veggie chip recipes this week.  Any good ideas?

I Hate It When…

Okay, there are few things that I actually hate.  I really dislike the word altogether.  But….

I definitely hate it when I go out for a run and 3.76 feels like 5 miles.  Hate that.

Just signed up for a triathlon in August.  Swim. Bike. Run. In that order.  Gotta get a movin’.

That is about it for today 🙂



You gotta love a soccer game with a view!

Well, we do anyways:) 
Sam had his second game this morning and it could not be a nicer day up here in the high country.  Of course, it might have been nice to hike or bike…..oh well, soccer will have to do for today.  I won’t give too many details about the game because Sam wants to blog about it later (he is hanging out with a friend this afternoon).  You will have to settle for just the pictures from me today, words from Sam later.  

Have a great Saturday!