Bike to School

Today was Bike to School Day at Frisco Elementary.  The kids and I ride our bikes almost every morning, now that the weather is a bit more predictable.  Mason and I usually drop off the kids at school and then head to the post office, grocery store and make a quick stop at the park before returning home. That is the beauty of living in a small town.
This morning, most of the kids rode their bikes to school.  It was pretty fun to see all the bikes lined up.  We were blessed to have some friends who live across the reservoir, come over and ride along with us to school.  We are always a bit of a caravan (well, five bikes and a trailer does make for a sight) but this morning it was really fun with friends and neighbors riding along.  We only had one minor spill so I would say it was a success!

Some even chose to make it to school on their horses! Check out a couple of the teachers on their “rides”! All the kids thought this was the coolest way to get to school, for sure.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Have fun and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Bike to School

  1. So Cool!! Remember those who made this possible, all your family members and friends who served to keep us who we are, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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