I LOVE this boy. He makes me crack up everyday. He is sweet and sensitive. Much like me. The sensitive part anyway. He is super smart and can build anything he sets his mind on. When Sam grows up he wants to be an inventor. He is so handsome, umm, even with lunch on his face. Just like his daddy, the handsome part anyway.

I LOVE this boy. To bits.

Merry Christmas!!

Mason is enjoying his first Christmas at home with his forever family! It truly has been an amazing season of love and giving! Our hearts are so blessed by the birth of Jesus! HIS plan for us is always so much better and more challenging than the one that we have planned for ourselves!

Singing an early “Happy Birthday” to baby Jesus.

Santa made an appearance on Christmas Eve.

Paige~always joyful!

Jesse~ relaxing in her new dog bed.

Sam in his jammies enjoying the morning. He especially loved the scavenger hunt that Santa sent the kids on to find their last (but definitely not least) present!

Santa has made his visit, the packages have been opened and Wii are having a blast! Bowling anybody??? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Love, Scott, Jennifer, Samuel, Alice, Paige and Mason (and Jesse too!)

Christmas. Time.

Can you guess what we have been doing on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?

That’s right, we are making the outside of our house festive. We weren’t going to put up lights this year. We had decided that with the kids it was too much work and that with the garland and wreath on the door we were finished with outdoor decorating. Well, we woke up this morning and decided that it would be fun to put up a strand or two. Unfortunately, we never learn our lesson and we are now up to our ears in Christmas lights. Thank goodness for the warm weather. We all spent the afternoon outside enjoying the warm sun on our faces and the spirit of Christmas in our hearts. Merry Christmas to all and to all a BRIGHT night.

9 Months Home.

December 6th marked Mason’s 9th month with his forever family!

Here is the run down of the last month….

*Celebrated his first Thanksgiving.
*Met Uncle Matt, Aunt Tracy, Jacob, Kelsey and Kate
*Helped decorate his first Christmas tree
*Met Santa Claus.
*Ate his first candy cane and really liked it!
*Had his last foot appointment for six more months!
*He is walking and now running everywhere.
*Joined his brother and sisters in the annual Christmas pj picture.
*Learned to say Sam which made his brother really happy.
*Only signs Thank You and Sorry. His last two hold-outs.
*Loves Kai-Lan and repeats the Chinese words really well!

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with this adorable little man! Here he is helping to decorate our beautiful tree.

Have a great weekend!

Have you seen my new button?

Henan is one of the poorest and most heavily populated province in China. Henan Kids International was founded by other adoptive families who volunteer their time and resources for the well being of children in Henan orphanages.

Please take the time to check out their website. This group of dedicated parents is working so hard for the children left behind, children waiting for their forever families!

If you have a blog, grab the button and add it to your site!

Love, Jennifer

Snow Day

Paige made it 2 minutes and 30 seconds….

Samuel gave up after only 6 minutes….

Alice was the long lasting winner at 12 minutes 33 seconds….

……..playing in the snow on a really cold day!

Yesterday the high in Col Springs was 5 degrees and the low was -5 degrees. Brrrrr!!!

Looking forward to a warmer weekend. I would say that I am really looking forward to summer but that might make me sound a tad crazy in the hair*.

Warm(er) wishes,

*Crazy in the hair is Sam’s reference to somebody when he or she gets overloaded. I don’t know who he would be refering to as I never get overwhelmed as a mother of four.