Sam {Thirteen}

My baby is now a teenager.  Yikes!  Not sure how or when that happened but I sure am proud of him!  He is kind, sweet, honest, bright, super handsome and just an all around great kid!!!

He decided to invite a few friends to the bowling alley to celebrate along with his brother and sisters.  We all had a blast celebrating Sam.

Happy Birthday!!!


Did you notice…he cut his hair?  We loved his long, gorgeous locks but it is super nice to see his face again:)

Love, Jennifer (officially an old momma)

This is how we do it, baby….

We are getting ready for winter around here.  We have been busing getting our yard and house ready for the harsh days of cold and snow.  We have electric heat at our house and because it can be pricey on those super cold days, we burn wood in our fireplace almost everyday.  I usually start it in the morning and continue it going throughout the day and evening.  Sooo, that means that we have to get wood somehow.  Last year we bought a couple of cords of wood and it was expensive.   So this year,  Scott got some free tree trunks and it was up to us to cut it into logs and split it all.  Thanks to my dad for splitting a ton of it and to our friend, Dwight, for letting us borrow his log splitter.  It took about three full days to get it all done.  Most of the time, it was a full family affair.  Hauling, splitting, stacking….hauling, splitting, stacking….






Horsin’ Around

Today, because the kids had the day off of school, we got to spend a lot of time over at Breckenridge Stables.  We went over twice today to help out some friends who were taking care of three horses for a couple of days.  We helped muck, feed and exercise the horses and it was loads of fun. The girls got a chance to ride and I didn’t lose the wheelbarrow in the huge pile of horse poop.  A win for all of us:)  Mason was head carrot feeder and poop scooper.  Paige learned to “lope” around and Alice had fun exercising the horses.

Here are just a few shots from the day…..










One more day of vacation and then back to work!



Camping and Biking {Fruita, CO}

This past weekend (along with about 15 other Frisco families) we went camping and mountain biking in Fruita.  Colorado has awesome mountain biking all over but Fruita is well-known for its fantastic lines and gorgeous views.  The campsite is popular and books up early (six months in advance) so we have been anticipating this trip for a while.  It was great to get away, ride our bikes, hang out with friends and just relax.  The weather could not have been nicer and we all had a blast riding, and riding, and riding…..

The truth is that we just really love to camp and throw in some awesome mountain biking and we are all in heaven.


Breakfast by the fire….



Crazy eyes Wescott….



Juice boxes are a real treat and only are consumed while camping…



Camping is fun…camping with friends…even better!



Serious mountain biking face….



Getting ready…..



Scott geared up and checking the trail one last time….or his Facebook page…who knows?




Mason waiting not-so-patiently for his turn on the super fast downhill.  He rode so well this weekend and had so much fun…

Anyway, we had a great weekend.  I adore these family times.  They are the best.

Now I have to wash EVERYTHING.  Ugh.